1st public comfort meeting

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December 4, 2011

4:30 pm


Facilitator- Daniel

Minutes- Christine





SIS                  stolen laptop in SIS, do what we can security-wise

INFO               asked to coordinate back and forth. Have a point person speak with Kevin. Info will let us know of any orders

MEDICAL       2 confirmed cases of Scabies. Clinic wants us to do laundry daily

HOUSING      new process on acquiring sleeping gear. Must go to SIS and fill out a yellow form for comforters, sleeping bags, and certain blankets in the back. Other items are still Comfort’s although an SIS form must be filled out.



Agenda Items


1.                  Churches established

2.                  Establish roster and camaraderie

3.                  Structure

4.                  SIS

5.                  Mediation for Roving Comfort and Comfort

6.                  Delegation of responsibilities

7.                  Email exchange



1.      Churches established

a.       GA approved of  $56,000 proposal last night

b.      How will Comfort distribute?

i.      (housing reportback)

ii.      Going to churches


2.      Roster

a.       Let volunteer services and announce at GA we need people now


3.      Structure

a.       Finance needs 2 point people

i.      Weekly or bi-weekly rotation of point people?

4.      SIS

a.       Access allowed only to point people

i.      Mae and Patrick (who have been point people for about a month)

b.      Storage

i.      Orders can be dropped off

Josh: What about people that don’t know us personally?

Christine: Let GA know to contact info

J: Concern about denying good to others.

C: Churches are being taken care of.

J: If you don’t go to a church how do you get stuff?

C: Place an order

J: How do you place an order?

C: Email SIS or talk to someone from Info

J: Deep concerns about people’s needs being met



5.      Mediation

a.       Christine will contact James, from Roving Comfort, to arrange meeting

6.      Delegation

a.       Tabled

7.      Email exchange = adjourned!

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