1st non public comfort meeting

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December 4, 2011

2:00 pm


  1. What concerns are we bringing to this private meeting?
  2. What are our agenda points?
  3. What plan are we bringing to our meeting in Zucotti park with Sparro?



Adam’s concerns         

–         Would like Sparro to communicate what she is doing (with roving comfort)


Mae’s concerns

–         Address a lack of communication

–         Reinforcement that there are no leaders, and we are a collective


Jackson’s con(c)erns      

–         Money and resources ‘issue’

–         Dog people (Jason) want(s) to work with Comfort


Christine’s concerns    

–         what do we want comfort to do?

–         New email and NYCGA account

–         What is Comfort Station/Roving Comfort doing?

–         What reasons do we have to feel this way?

–         (R)estructure comfort

o       what does that require?



Agenda points



  1. What are our responsibilities?
  2. What are the bare essentials?
  3. Budget for laundry, volunteer plan


1)      Define Comfort

—     P. seems like comfort is part of sis

—     N we are kind of sis delivery system in Zucotti

—     M we have to be part of sis. We can’t do it(alone). That’s wh(y) roving comfort makes sense

—     A. sis is just a building.

—     C. they need the distributors. So we’re the distributors.

—     M. this is time to set up schedules. Not strict. Get idea of availability.

—     C we’ll do that later.

—     M we never accused people of being absent. Don’t feel guilty for being gone

—     A everyone needs a break

—     C so what are our responsibilities

—     M we’ll do that later at the meeting

—     C we’ll need to take care of showers and laundry

—     M housing could do it. Or we can work with housing. We can have an open relationship.

—     Tinkle fingers

—     C so do you feel like we have other responsibilities

—     M i do now. We have to work with other working groups. And open bridges.

—     C. we need to find out what processes are established i.e. Jeff from housing’s yellow form. Since housing has a yellow form and owns the sleeping gear that they pass out and approve, comfort is not responsible for sleeping gear in the back.

—     M how did we become responsible for metro cards?

—     C. we were when we did showers. And then we started to pass them out for transportation.


2)      what are the bare essentials.

—     M dental hygiene. Simple, generic products. Making use of the resources already donated that we do have a surplus of. Before going out and purchasing higher end products.

—     P I don’t agree with purchasing these higher end products.  (they’re a waste of resources.)

—     M we know thievery is going on. If anything happens it will be donation collections. now our money is affected. The shampoos and conditioners were 11 dollars each. (which is ridiculous) The travel size items are great. They’re donated! (we have surplus of these stored in SIS) We can just pass them out. People (do indeed) have different needs. But at this point, (we need to put luxuries aside) just get people clean.

—     C its not the dead of winter yet.

—     Tinkle fingers- don’t agree with black soap investment

—     M that’s a luxury. Donations are trickling down. We don’t have unlimited resources. We should be frugal to make sure everyone is taken care of. I’m not saying we ought to be cheap. But we have A LOT of toiletries already. No one is complaining when they receive it. If someone has special needs, we have Medical (medical working group can help people with special skin care needs) , Cetaphil, and soaps for sensitive skin.

—     C if people have a medical condition medical can write a referral for what we consider higher end products.

—     M it’s fiscally irresponsible. Part of the issue of why I want more meetings and to reach general consensus… where was that consensus(for high end soap and things of that nature)? Let’s scale back. It’s about necessities. A lot of the things we’re spending money on we have. Let’s get money when we run out. No need for grandiose bullshit. I love it, I buy it personally but then (when) I was sleeping in the park, I used what was there.


3)      Budget for laundry

—     C medical has mentioned we have a scabies problem that we need to address

—     Chris- wtf is scabies?

—     M mites that burrow under our skin. Charlie (the librarian) said eat lot’s garlic(to prevent scabies infections).

—     C medical wants it done daily(laundry). Since the churches close in the morning and laundry mats open early– I propose that someone brings the communal stuff to a Laundromat in the morning.

(there have been volunteers for laundry mentioned since the meeting.)

*note: contact these people

** everything in parenthesis added post-meeting  for clarification by P.

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