1/3/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Meeting Minutes

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Tuesdays 1/3/12 Queering minutes




1. Christopher St,


It was decided that it (Christopher St.) was the best spot for a queer community outreach action-out of the selection. Nothing planned yet. Pushing back to further date to be decided later.


2. MLK Day event- 1pm Union Sq.

Occupy for jobs Occupy4job.org


-meeting at 12:45pm @ movie theatre, -find your pink flag.


3.J17– details to come


need permanent Queer signs for major events- [Brand C.]




1.Keep an eye out for article in upcoming Next Magazine article



2.Against Equality Submissions


Info on facebook


3.Finance – open 1-5pm

50 Briadway


-Billy & Felix & Razor- point people for the group


-if people have things they want to buy get in touch with Felix, Billy, or Razor.


4.Media outreach

-Press release [Felix] 1 person affinity group




  1. Need to have a mission statement of sort, 5 talking points or so that we can all use incase of interviews. Puts everyone on same page. [Michael T. & Gaitlin M- drafting)


Try to include: jobs, homelessness, healthcare- HIV, Youth, International solidarity, bullying

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