1/29/2012 – Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes

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1/29/2012 – Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes

9 people


- Tif Reports back from DC trip
- Feb 4th HRC action
- On-line forum guidelines
- Cecee McDonald
- OWS. Wall St. and Oakland, Trans and Homophobia in OWS
- Gay Squat
- Glittertops
- Pride


- How are they letting down the community? Where is the money going?
- HRC’s idea of equality only addresses privilege people
- We need to research and all know what we are talking about
- Reasons we are here:
- Homeless shelters closing. Beds for homeless youth went from about 200 to 100.
- Dropping trans equality from their agenda
- Board diversity
- No public process
- No transparency
- Not pushing for full equality
- Usurping local organizing
- The media is not aware of all of this
- Razor is going with the message “disband HRC”
- Talking points about Goldman
- Major donor
- NY LGBT film makers group coming
- Brandon reaching out to media group and media

Outdoor presence
- Street theater preview event.
- anti-fashion show
- Large not equals sign

What we want:
- The pledge for full equality
- Open process
- In bed with Goldman, 1% that is causing harm
- Address the harm inequality causes
- Focus on the 99%


“Their idea of equality is being able to join the country club”
“Corporations can have a place at the table, but they shouldn’t get to run the table”
On line forum
- Do we need guidelines
- Put them on the group description page, repost periodically.
- Prefer one on one engagement on contentious issues
+ Craig will write up guidelines
- There are homeless queer and trans people who do not feel comfortable coming to out meetings and we need to fix this.
- Suggestion for outside mediation for meetings
? Make a flier inviting homeless queer and trans to an event to meet and talk
The meeting remained on this issue for the remainder.



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