12/8/11 Consensed V&G GRoup Vision

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12/8/11 Consensed V&G Group Vision

What follows is a living document that will be revised through the democratic process of the General Assembly.

From the General Assembly of the Occupy Wall Street movement, to the People of the World, we offer a Declaration of our Vision.

Mic Check: We are the 99%.

System Check: The system is broken.

Fact Check: The environment is collapsing. [and a multitude of other wrongs are affecting us, promulgated by the human condition of excess greed]

Reality Check: There must be change.

We envision a truly free, democratic, and just society, built on the following principles:

Liberty: whereby we secure the full spectrum of human rights – [economic,] political, civil, economic, social, cultural, and environmental – against violation or infringement, particularly by unchecked corporate power and unjust governments;

People Power: whereby government, in every form and at every level, exists by the will of those governed, and where neither wealth nor history alone will justify power;

Solidarity: whereby all people come together to make decisions through consensus; a process by which everyone’s voice is heard, and no one is marginalized, [and where the currently marginalized members of our society are afforded the dignity and right of having their voices count with our own];

Accountability: whereby all who reap society’s benefits accept a fair share of society’s responsibilities;

Fairness: whereby economic, social, political, economic, and environmental systems work to benefit all, not just a privileged few; these systems should be restructured or replaced when they fail to do so;

Peace: whereby we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of compassion, appreciation, and respect for diversity and the differing views of others;

Equality: whereby we reject all forms of institutionalized discrimination and oppression, on any basis, including race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion;

Non-violence: whereby non-violence is embraced as a way of life, and we resolve to always carry a good message as we work out our differences;

People Before Profit: whereby we value human dignity and needs over monetary gain, because when people lack security or a standard of living adequate for their well-being, effective democracy is impossible;

Meeting Human Needs: whereby human needs are elevated to a place of primary importance: among these are the right to meaningful and fairly rewarded work, decent housing, comprehensive healthcare, and education;

Environmental Stewardship: whereby we work together to protect the global environment and preserve all species to ensure that life is sustainable, and that future generations will have safe and clean air, water, and food supplies.

Mic Check:  We are the 99%.

Our occupation will continue.

We will make this vision a reality.

The Working Group on Vision and Goals continues to work toward a more comprehensive statement of visions and goals to be incorporated as soon as possible into this living document.
 This is an official document crafted by the Working Group on Vision and Goals. The New York City General Assembly came to consensus on ______________ to accept this working draft and make it accessible to the public by posting it online.


2 Responses to “12/8/11 Consensed V&G GRoup Vision”

  1. Urbaned

    This is lovely! I made a few minor changes, and added some ideas in brackets [ ]. (I am a writing teacher.) I would also put “economic” as the first item in each list because OWS started based on the goal of economic justice (overthrow the 1%).

  2. jack siler

    Below is a bullet that was on the 12/4 version.

    ENLIGHTENMENT: whereby we provide full and free education to everyone, not merely for work knowledge, but to grow and flourish as human beings;