12/30/11 Meeting Minutes

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Report back on Triple Brook Farm (much to learn, not available for Occupy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (removed for privacy reasons))

General conversation, Milo on stack

Zoe asks to be pointy person for Occupy Farms at 50 Broadway Office, Housing W.G.’s Metro Card dispersal, websites/social media/email lists, the Working group accounting/transparency, training and intake process development.

Concerns raised on one person having access to everything

It is suggested that a spreadsheet be posted on google group to centralize contact info for point people.
The following Point People appointed unanimously by the group
•    Facilitation for Occupy Farms Working Group meetings will not be appointed for the sake of having revolving facilitation. It is volunteered that the facilitation working group can be asked to both train facilitators for the group and neutrally facilitate

•    Working group meetings will occur twice weekly at space/time TBD
•    Housing MetroCard Liaison nominees: Zoe, hunter
•    Websites/Social Media/emails/nycga: shazz, zoe, devin, jay, thomas, wilson
•    Occupy Farms W.G. internal accounting transparency liaison: jay
•    Jeff: design posters, etc
•    finance approved: shazz, wilson, alex, nominees to be rotated in: milo, katie
•    Point person to find more potential point people: Zoe

Yet to be selected Point People:
•    50 Broadway Office
•    team to create Training and Intake process
•    Mission/Solidarity Statement
•    Bicycles and outreach to Times Up
•    Structure and organization
•    Media outreach – WBAI 12 station radio show interviewee
•    Farm wiki & full utilization of offered resources
•    Liability release – contact lawyer
•    CRM (mass E-Mail) & occupywallstreet.net subdomain available from tech ops
•    Outreach to NOFA-NY (comp. summer regional tickets?)

Requests for reimbursement
◦    for Thomas’ rescue $43.99 on Greyhound
◦    $100 for Zoe bicycle around NYC – no receipt Craigslist
◦    Also, Ashley, Mo & Becky for amounts unknown

•    create video content for website
•    coordinate with indie livestream team
•    regular weekly (& personal) blog

•    an ongoing conversation
•    solicit inkind donations

•    Develop relationships – Dileisi
•    Empowerment and Education

“This group is focused on the next 30 years of agrarian activism and aim to educate future generations”

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