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Report backs

Interocc orientation call every other Thursday night

First one was last week they will alternate

National event/action coordination call that will be every other week

Put together an interocc calendar

Michael: interest in national mobilization Occupy Caravan. 3 separate journeys. 100th anniversary of Guthrie. Organizers spread out around the country.

Media – occupy.com a significant media arm for the movement. A true hub of media. For outreach to occupiers. On editorial. Next couple weeks.


Tam: meetings: tomorrow 11am 388 Atlantic meeting with people who are working with community orgs who are national. What has been working with coalitions. Thinking about next steps. Actions and solutions groups. Institutional left. The first in person meeting.

Leah: invited people from Outreach

T: talked about messaging or communicating the message of the movement

666 Broadway 5 – 7

Friday at 5 – Grace Davie focus group consultant. A small meeting informal. Relevant for messaging.

Friday 27th Intercity GA meeting Judson memorial church


L: direct action focused people who want to be involved in those conversations about.


Discussion about constitutional amendment.


Membership (10)

Clarify the membership process

Letting people know at the beginning of a meeting

Participation critieria


Tam: Busts out the table from a meeting about organzations and membership structure.




Rights and responsabilities

Conflict and expulsion


We are stuck in simple and there are other ways to do things. Degrees of complexitiy are helpful to think about. Attending a certain number of meetings or being part of a project.

H: we were going to have a designated person to work with the new people.

We couldn’t get enough people and that was part of the problem.

L: we also agreed to give a policy statement.

H: there are certain tasks that need to be done by some people that needs to be done from beginning to end. We can’t have someone coming in from off the street. Consider something there are somethings that are closed.

T: but then we brought it to everyone.

H: you develop then you bring it to the group.

T:the challenge is that some people we need to just request from people that they be respectful

L: like to contrast that with spending on how to grow the movement. It would like to be good to not have people be a threat but to guide them into some of the responsabilities we have. People are feeling like it is hard to be involved. It is something to consider. Where do we need people. We’re trying to create a list to get people involved.

G: Benefits to both sides.

T: moving to a cluster – great to invite people humble decisions

At the beginning of the meeting we request that people be respectful and assign someone.

Identify who we are who you can ask questions of request respect.

Its not about the vote its about the process leading up to the vote.

M: way to do it informally is to have subgroups.

T: we are at 10 minutes




L: I am not the best rep for this. Outreach started the cluster to partner with DA spokes. It took on Movement Building cluster. But I know that is a topic here. Nothing has been decided. We have an opportunity to start something. It is still open, nothing has been concretely decided

T: we met with outreach that we need a national outreach something that would be appropriate to have a national meeting. Talked to Andy, he wants to focus on NYC. If we try to combine the two nothing will be focused on. Alternate weeks to have national and local. Movement building and local would be appropriate. One of the threads are what we have to talk about to grow.

L: is it feasible to have this every week. What are the goals of this. It will coordinate a calendar. How to not tread on what other people are doing. Or messaging. How can we create a message. What OWS brings is an overall narrative. If we can be aware of how to tie this all back. This can be the space where this is all.

G: how are we going to put a strategic narrative on this movement. DA has been trying to do it through all the fingers of the hand coming together to see how we can make this come together. Messaging. Direct actions. Bi weekly is a decent time to come around. No one group can create legitimacy for it. We can bring it all together for a narrative.

A: Tam and I’ve been chatting about this. Outreach cluster went ok. Hope the next one goes pretty well. Have to plan but you don’t know what is going to happen. I like the idea of having more narrative based meetings but it is like trying to move a stream. It isn’t something that is going to happen in one meeting. You have to be careful of the hierarchical agenda. One we wanted to get better community organizing. Two taking their project and make it part of the movement. Movement cluster would have the same problem and don’t get hung up on result and then tie ins with national discussion and local.


T: interesting day at the coffee shop we talked about the messaging cluster.

L: you havne’t been clear. It was outreach now its been movement building.

A: that’s my idea we did get confused, there was a confusion sean did it without checking in with anyone. Not what I meant. It is this groups prevue.

L: are these the same meeting?

A: bi weekly the outreach doesn’t talk about national.

L: that sounds like a proposal

A: POCDA gotta go.

T: that was crazy but helpful.

H: interesting proposal

T: can’t envision. I was sitting there and they were talking about it was DA people saying the messaging cluster. Overall narrative should be done with a cluster. But I don’t think we’ll get the buy in on that. Every other week. Figuring out how to blend might be good to start that way and see how it would go.

M: the weeks and months going towards April. We need to get things done. We’re at the end of February.

G: our goal is a narrative with the national movement. Should come up with a list of working groups we want to be involved.

L: last outreach cluster meeting. The purpose needs to be clear. But it should be clear that coordination is the way that things are going to be happening.

T: structured convos are needed. It is good to think structurally. If you set it up right it works if you don’t set it up right we don’t get it. Goal is not to create narrative. Where does NY fit in with the rest of the movement. What is the distinction. If the goal is to create a narrative for the movement.

H: retake it up on Thursday?




N: as a messaging strategy the 4 main documents that were passed have non-violence language. DA talks about no violence against people. Ambiguous when it comes to property damage. Naomi Klien speech. Non-violence is not a negation but a postive. Non-violence is not simply putting into a spirit that your strength comes from your ideas. Make an active thing you’re doing, not something you’re not doing.

G: diversity of tactics is something that has been talked about for a while. Messy talk but postitve because it becomes a learning point. DoT will be more inclusive is not a reality. If we communicate NV properly we can have it be a teaching point. An amazing opportunity to do nonviolent trainings with Maestro.

T: there is a facilitation training call or you can request.

This concern should be brought into a messaging cluster. There really isn’t a proposal here. I do want to say I have been in several DA trainings and non-violent means different things to different people.

M: is there something for people can do?

T: I’ve had one on one discussion with people in DA on that.

M: provacature action needs to be shut down.

H: next steps? Another group? Discussion?

G: raise at GA that this is a problem if we don’t deal with it. Bring it out so that we are at least bringing it out there

L: bring it to a larger discussion

N: support that I do a lot of work with non-violent orgs. Deepen the discussion so that people understand NV is a question not an answer.

L: We’ll bring this up where it appears to be appropriate.

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