Minutes, Occupied Office [27 Dec 2011]

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Jake (tech), Megan (Org), Kelly (accounting), Justin (accounting),
Steven (Org), Apollo
(outreach), Stan (housing), Renee (media), Evangeline (com hub &
WSAG), Fix (WSAG &
media), Jason (housing), Chris (accounting), Jeff (Town planning)
* Accounting has accountants visiting today. To whomever is working
desk – accounting will
bring people into room vs just sending them in. There is a capacity
for six people in the
conference room for them to sit and wait. Accounting will review
procedure and bring back
ideas for better process in the future.
* Tech has purchased items like 4 net-books and monitors and will they
will be available at 60
Wall Street and charging here and available for use. Security is being
considered but nothing
is in place. They will be ordering more equipment over next few weeks
along with buying used
desktops and building them out for the office.
* Organization will re-start morning coordination meetings at 10am on
Jan 4th. Ongoing every
M, W, F & Sat. Currently working on moving SIS to second location in
Brooklyn to save
relationship with UFT and also to help create a new disbursement
system (‘SIS Direct’ –
order/delivery based). This may create some confusion and possibly
have more folks coming
here asking SIS related questions. Reiterated that there is no storage
at the Occupied Office.
TImeline of next few weeks to complete – beginning immediately. New
models for SIS are
being discussed.
* Housing expects to be moving to West St Park and needs 4 stand up
modular shower stalls.
Planning actions for MLK day. Megan and Renee offered to help with
* ComHub has more staff coming in and this will help Evangeline get
some sleep. Need to
change comm-cluster meeting to evening as nobody has been showing up.
Agenda Items:
● Staffing for New Years (Dec 31 & Jan 1st)
Steven suggested that we close early on 12/31 (5pm?) and close all day
1/1. Kelly
pointed out that people were here over Christmas but there was not a
lot of work
actually happening. Office needs to be clear and if office is closed
then we lock the
elevator. Much discussion about what “closed” means because key
holders can still go
in. Suggestion was made that key holders can access office so long as
they are on
24hr list and that they should only sign in people from their WG. All
working groups,
12/27 Office Meeting – Google Docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ACbbrPnqu3GhD3vv_U
1 of 3 12/27/11 4:16 PM
please inform your members about the office hours listed below.
* Office will print sign and send e-mails that relates to the
information below:
Saturday Dec 31st the office desk will be staffed until 5pm and then
the office will
close. Jan 1st the office will be closed. Keyholders can open office
(be on 24hr list)
and escort WG members into space. They are responsible to manage space
but desk
will not be staffed.
● Key holders: share/post list, review responsibilities.
The office posted a list of current key holders and responsibilities
so that they can
check in with one another at the end of the day and coordinate closing
office. Trash
should be placed outside elevator by 8pm each night.
● Printing Fee:
The office needs to pay for toner and printing supplies and wants to
charge $100 per
month on 1st of month. Accounting clarified that they need to get
receipts for under
$100 and that the money cannot be combined. It was suggested that
instead the office
simply charge $100 per month for general office fees. Currently every
WG has access
to $100 per day.
* WSAG (the office) will meet with accounting and discuss best
practice for getting
money from WG’s for office printer supplies.
● There will be more bureaucracy if WG’s are not responsible for
covering their shifts,
keeping office clean, etc. The co-op vs. managed space item will be
discussed at next
Fridays meeting.
● Personal items in office space (including closet):
The office is concerned that items are being left in the office closet
and asked that
point people remind everyone who uses the office that this space is
just for storage of
office items. There is a HUGE pile of items on the table in the big
room in back and
they must be removed by December 3rd.
● Kitchen Supplies (crock pot, toaster, etc)
* WSAG (office) will meet separately with kitchen to discuss if this
is feasible and legal.
12/27 Office Meeting – Google Docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ACbbrPnqu3GhD3vv_U
2 of 3 12/27/11 4:16 PM
12/27 Office Meeting – Google Docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ACbbrPnqu3GhD3vv_U
3 of 3 12/27/11 4:16 PM

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