1/22/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes

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1/22/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes


8 attending





– HRC Action / Equality Pledge

– Glittertops

– Community Solidarity GA proposal

– Future meeting times and locations

– OWS violence, ejections, and ethics



HRC Action

+ To make document describing message and plan

+ Creating facebook event for the action

– Names

– Full Equality Guerilla Pot Luck

– Full Equality is free, come on HRC

– Bring food to share, dress up if you can

– What is our message to HRC?

– Point out how we are different, give the people a voice.

– HRC, you don’t represent us

– Need an event planning meeting somewhere

+ Tif reached out to direct action about event during meeting



Meeting Times and Locations

– Tuesday at 8:30pm time was not being attended consistenty.

– Spokes no longer meets on Wednesday, freeing up that day

– Facebook poll indicates preference for 6:30pm

+ Wednesday at 6:30pm on 60 Wall, consencus



Points for opening a meeting

– Let people know minutes go on nycga.net which ranks highly in Google. If there are names or information you don’t want online please let the minute taker know.



OWS violence, ejections, and ethics

– We had a long discussion about recent events at spokes council and the churches, and inconsistencies regarding their handling.



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