12/18/2011 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z @ OWS Caucus Minutes

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12/18/2011 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z @ OWS Caucus Minutes

We had a small meeting as 60 Wall St was closed, it was freezing out, and many people were busy with the holidays or worn out from the D17 action. We had a total of 5 participants, although not all at once. The meeting was somewhat informal and more of a discussion due to its small size.

+ marks action items

– Next two Sunday meeting times are holidays
– Long abbreviation, Queer/LGBTIQA2Z
– Blog
– January Action
– Cunts Occupying Wall St., homeless queer youth group, and RAHKA Revolutionary Activist Homeless Kicking Ass
– $100 group allocation

Next two Sunday Meetings
– Next two Sundays are 12/25, Christmas Day, and 1/1, New Years Day
– Next two Sunday meetings are canceled because of the holidays
+ Instead of our meetings, we will have a Queer Occupation Community Solidarity Holiday Celebration, from 9pm till Midnight, 12/25 and 1/1 at the McDonald’s on Broadway by Liberty Square, in solidarity with queer occupiers who sleep there.
– Tuesday 8:30pm meetings are still on.

Cunts, RAHKA, and homeless issues
– Cunts Occupying Wall St., homeless queer youth group.
– RAHKA Revolutionary Activist Homeless Kicking Ass
– There has been a disconnection between the main Queer caucus and other sub groups like the Cunts.
– They have not wanted to attend meetings because they have not felt welcome to reached out to.
– We need to correct this situation so the Queer Caucus can act as an umbrella where we can all hang out and come together to have more power.
– So far Razor has been the only contact between the two groups.
– The Cunts usually sleep at McDonald’s, and do not arrive until very late, midnight or so.
– A revolving door of 50 or so homeless kids.
– Safe queer space is needed at churches. Some people do not want to sleep in churches because they are very out and worry about safety.
– We need to take active steps to reach out these groups in friendship at the times and places where they meet.
– Razor will invite cunts to Tuesday 12/20 8:30pm meeting.

Accounting, $100 a week allocation
– Questions were raised about whether OWS sees us as a caucus, working group, or both, as caucuses do not get $100 allocation and working groups do.
– When settling our situation with finance and setting up new contacts so we can receive funds again, we need to be sure that the group registration is proper for this purpose.
– No consensus reached yet on new accounting contacts.

January Action
– Include a focus on housing awareness

– Blog is up at http://queerows.wordpress.com/
– It is open for articles, photos, etc. Please send email to joeaguy at joeaguy.com if you have something to contribute.
– It is a better place to keep an archive and to post longer articles than Facebook is.

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