12-9-11 Meeting Min (impromptu meeting)

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List of schools

East side Community High school ( Michael is going to interface with them)

City –As-School ( Negesti is going to reach out to them )

Reel Works Teen Film Making (Negesti has reached out to them working on a date now )

Grand Street campus ( Jeff is going to reach out to them)

Neighborhood Improvement Organization ( Jeff is going to reach out to them)

Urban word (Negesti is going to reach out them)

Arts and Renaissance  (Jeff is going to reach out to them)


Our Plan  for classes

We are planning to do an intro to the occupy model of consensus and Direct democracy training. Discuss with them policies ie: stop and frisk the national defense act and how this affects them. At this point we field a discussion with them about issues that they are having within their community. Then we suggest to them that they take one of these ideas and plan an action our how they can affect changes in this community and to follow up with us to build up actions with them. Then leaving and being open to questions and answer time.


Also an understanding as we do outreach we will work on getting feed back and work on curriculum building in a few weeks


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