12-1-11 Meeting Min

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duration 30 Min 5:14-545

Attendance 6 people

Liberty Plaza by the red structure moved to Charlote’s place

Facilitated By Negesti


-Locations for outreach this week

We have a mission to reach out to students from low income at risk communities in the outer Burroughs in order to do that we need to get in to schools and after school programs in there communities how do we feel about making a pledge to attempt to get into at least  3 such locations in this coming week .  Temperature check we reach consensus on this.

-Proposal for GA on a budget for out reach materials

We would like to bring pen pad T-shirts and such to schools when we do outreach in order to do that we need to bring a proposal to the GA asking for the money to buy these items .We would like to begin research for this proposal do we we have consensus on research? Yes we have consensus on research for the proposal.

-Our meeting time for next week

We would like to at this time meet only once a week to optimize our outreach capabilities. We would like to state our meeting time for next week as TBD in order to leave us open to accomplish our goals of three group outreach in the next week and to keep us open to students attending. Can we meet consensus on this  looks good.


As a part of outreach we want to work on a couple curriculum to bring to teachers and schools to justify using class time and to keep these students interactive when we go to theses schools. I would like to work on an English Language Arts curriculum as well as an Arts curriculum I have a connection with a woman named Shelia who does this  for a living I would like to reach out to her and start working on the ASAP. do we have consensus on this looks good.

Meeting agenda has now been completed this meeting is closed and we will stay in contact in preparation for schools outreach.

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