11/8 Media Meeting Notes

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Justin interested in editing

Rachel shooting editing


Report backs:

– Veterans piece almost completed

– Office shift – Sarah and Todd work office on Wednesday. Space not completed and still on pilot phase. Limited furniture and access given that we have no equipment.

– Badges – Tim had computer crash and stayed home to work on badges. Tim is a *$@!ing lion

– NYCGA Media Website is still buggy. We want to link google calendar and production list so we can streamline the process of signing up. David is rocking it out!

– MNN – see email or talk to Ananda. Streaming has expressed interest in coordinating to do show.

– Viewers can vote up what they want to watch



– Budget 10min

Fix recapped history of media budgets (streaming passed 25k budget) and the challenges to passing a new budget. Todd asked about photography budget but they have still not submitted so it was decided that the existing budget be voted on.

* Josh reviewed items on budget and described workflow and how equipment would be utilized. Josh also reviewed current status of media and the equipment we have been using.

* AF100’s were suggested vs 7D or T3I. Concern was raised about T3I durability. 7D was praised for durability, weatherproof, file sizes, better quality stills.

* Concern was raised related to having two DSLR’s vs. having one and another camera that is a bit more user friendly.

* Having two of the same cameras is key to the budget and gives greater flexibility.

* More prosumer style cameras are available from live stream team for new shooters.

* More discussion addressed concerns plus a number of members mentioned the long history, discussions, research and efforts that had been put into the existing budget.

* Proposal was re-presented with the understanding that the reflected prices were list price and every effort would be made to reduce the price via contacts at NYC based distributors, some used and available items within inventory at SIS.

* Based on this, the budget was approved by consensus.

* All media team members were encouraged to educate and discuss the budget proposal with other occupiers so when we present at future Spoke’s council there are less questions. Encouraged folks to bring any questions or concerns that are raised that they cannot answer to next meeting.



* http://www.media.nycga.net Dave has been doing a tremendous amount of work on adding videos and other content. Still trying to get calendars and spreadsheet on this site.

* www.occupancytvny.org is still redirecting to the YouTube page. We need someone to design the page. Fix will play with background color…

* There was a mention of archiving/sharing potential using occupy.net media.occupy.net via Internet working group connections + Managing news & OWS.news.org


* What does it mean to say I am in the media working group? … and the answers are –

You’re interested in proactive messaging through film video

Committed to collaborative process

Learn to put in a certain amount of time

Education empowerment inspiring critical thought, representing distinctive voices,

Get and share footage

Exciting collaboration and produce message videos


Communicating to outside world in our own voice

Working and learning with others

Produce a variety of different kinds of pieces in collective manner as distinguished from hierarchical world and staying true to principles

Cross community dialogue across the US and the world. Allow others to follow from faraway.

Work outside mainstream in citizen journalism

A collective effort by us to connect to those who can’t be here

Seeing the power of story and emotion to win PR battle and overtime the truth as we will express it (not always objective) to convince others.

We are an integral part of OWS and responsible to each other and larger movement with a plurality of voices that reflect the democracy in the space.

Connect to outbound distribution networks.

Building a new source where people can go for the latest news and be louder than commercial.

All of the above and lots of time, energy and work.

Show people what is happening, subvert mainstream movement. Protection for movement and the people on the marches.


– Studio style show w/ live audience – Katie

* Education and empowerment and direct action – looking for space to do weekly broadcast that is teach-ins similar to uncut movement through universities. Idea is to have 3 cams and do everything from history of movement, direct action training, tap into great minds, nurse watching and being radicalized. Big project but hoping we can get live stream and editorial team to rotate through shifts and help create and sustain.

* Education and empowerment group is part along with direct action.

* Todd suggested we work with Ananda but Katie wants live audience.


– Long format documentary:

Made doc called Holla Back. Has been shooting for past 3 weeks. Kept hearing from mainstream media that there is no message but she feels there is a clear, yet complicated message. Interested in making long format doc that tells story and has message. Interview, marches, etc. Already filmed some interviews with experts about moving the message. Interested in working with consensus process – has three page proposal.

* Group briefly discussed but suggested breakout and tabled larger discussion till next meeting on Thursday.


– Spoke for next council:

* Dave, Dallas, Josh – they will decide before SC begins. All members are encouraged to attend.


Top future agenda items:

* Dallas asked about finances and consensus – creative commons

Attending meetings, if group breaks off and does project that makes money.

* Katie will present proposal for show project.

* Revisit charter

* Discuss collaborative, consensus based documentary film project.

Weekend schedule/shooters

* Drop off footage location

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