1/15/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes

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1/15/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Minutes

8 people

- Glittertops, laptops for homeless
- Computer store report back
- MLK Day – Union Square Occupy for Jobs
- Occupying Document
- Transphobia and Housing

- Computer Overhaulers
- $129 with bad battery, $200 with working battery.
- Refurbished Dells
- Check for laptops online, ask Facebook group to find bargains
- Is it Glittertops or Glitterbook?
+ CONSENSUS Its Gittlertops!
- Get donations, coffee shops, hacker/maker spaces
- Be sure it is marginalized people helping marginalized people
- Say that the ideas came from trans-male disabled
+ Work on copy, web page, flier
- How to send donations?
+ Find businesses and organizations willing to be drop off points
- Molten
+ Look into setting up an account at a mail box store
+ Sean to ask queer groups if they can provide any space or an address

Meeting at Center?
- Thinking of maybe having a meeting at the center
+ Brandon reaching out to center to set up a time and space for a Sunday at 1pm meeting at the center, sometime in February
- We need to prepare information, materials, and agenda for this meeting as it may be large.

MLK Day March and Events
- Occupy for Jobs march in Union Square
+ Meet 12:45pm at movie theater at 13th and Broadway.
- Post on Facebook about events

+ Joe to ask point people for contact info that is ok to public
- Razor reports there are issues with how the Host an Occupier program is operated
- We need to find more housing options that we trust to send people to

Transphobia and Housing
- Razor writing up something on trans phobia and other severe marginalization issues and discrimination within OWS
+ Queer Caucus will do a tour of homeless and shelter options in the future. Working on making contacts with these organizations ahead of time.

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