11/29 Media Meeting Notes

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James and Anna from archives are in attendance



  • Todd spent the holiday in Detroit and tried to meet with media but group was busted less than 10 days ago and is fragmented. Some media folks have formed affinity group and have a space,  they have an idea to become a nationwide comm hub w/in this space using ham radio network. This provides a way to transmit data over radio that is encrypted.
  • Justin reported that occupytvny and is set to automatically tweet when a new video is uploaded to youtube page. If you are interested in tweeting then speak to Justin or Joe Diamond and they will assist you.
  • Ananda reported that today he received a request to give permission for someone to have him on the MNN show on Thursday and invites other folks to be on the show with him to either speak to him after meeting or e-mail him.



XM Sat Radio

Dec 5th Meeting

The Church of the Ascension – 11th Street and 5th Avenue

Cari will give me Luke’s contact info.

Nick knows about a smart phone app that allows folks to listen free.

Lauri offered audio.



Todd (spoke), Julie and Nick will attend toddodotto@gmail.com


Cari announced that there is an event tomorrow at 3:30 at 50 Broadway. The event is similar to TED talks and will involve filming some talking heads on a Skype call. Shooters are welcome. Email carimachet@gmail.com (646) 436-7795



E-mail Renee or Dave to let them know if you are planning to shoot these events.

There is project in the works to create a doc that act as a call sheet and will be part of the NYCGA page.

There is a weekly postproduction schedule manager that has two slots


* Nov 30th

–       Action Against Wall Street & Military Industrial Complex Atiq & Todd

–       Protest Obama @ 52nd Street Hilton – Meet at Central Columbus Circle 5:15pm


* Dec 1st

– Jackson Browne – Need one more shooter to cover concert in Park

Big labor march


* Dec 2nd

– Occupy Broadway – 24hr performance at 6pm – meet a red stairs in Times Square www.occupybroadway.net


* Dec 6th

– Occupy Your Homes – National Day of Action to Occupy Homes 2 homeowners and assist them in their struggle to retain control of their homes.

Rachel attended Dec 6th



* Post-production workflow Shooting Format – * Processing footage/settings: (Todd)

Organizing footage in bins, selects, Edit using FCP or Premiere?

Todd – Different folks have limitations on formats that their cam can shoot on. There many advantages to using premiere to convert different frame rates smoothly. He suggested using premiere for this reason and is confident that folks who know FCP will be able to adapt their skills to premiere. As far as archiving he proposed that anyone who comes into the office with a card and we make a disc image first. The reason being as software advances we will still be able to look at the raw footage.

Fix proposed that there be a breakout group that meets separately i(in person or via e-mail) to formulate and consensus on a plan, instructions, flowchart, etc that describes in detail the process of post production workflow.

Archive reported that they are working to create a file name system so that there is a universal way. Is keyboard mapable on premiere – yes.

Andrew asked about encrypting and Todd has a solution.

Josh raised the question of output and workflow as far as conversion. Todd suggested that the breakout group address this.


* Different workspace that is more accessible (Andrew)

Wants group to find more spaces – 24hr, open – suggested creating a googledoc to discuss this idea. Atiq asked for clarification. Andrew said that he wants the doc to share info about alternative spaces, discuss policy for this location, non-hierarchical – basically secure an ideal spot – accessible, affordable and propose to GA. Andrew will create a googledoc to share the ideas.

Lulu has a lead on a church that may have basement space at cost (elec and security) and will follow up with her contact.

Julie suggested a subgroup and that he look at other production houses. Not certain that discussing a paid space is wise.

Andrew wants a self-managed space where we do our security, as he doesn’t feel that the space at 50 Bdwy is intimidating and that a consensus for finding a space is not appropriate (?) but is fairly certain that it will require payment.

Fix suggested that Andrew check in with finance to see if there are any concerns about how it will be paid for.


* Creative Process: What does it mean to be a member? (Fix)

Fix summarized the document. Clarified that this proposal is for medium to longer pieces and does not address short/daily pieces but encourages folks to try to incorporate elements of the doc in short pieces until there is more clarity on what defines that process.

Fix clarified that the proposal is a tool to provide guidelines for what will be posted to www.occupytvny.org

– Ananda raised question for clarification on what is short vs long. Fix clarified that this proposal is directed to pieces that are not time sensitive or short, quick daily in orientation.

– Andy had a point of process and suggested that individuals write down their concerns and submit them for consideration to reduce the amount of back and forth. Consent is the underlying human principle and while the process is appealing and the person who tries to create the most visible proposal and build googledocs and basically – if you build it they will come. (sorry I didn’t follow). What if it is a piece that someone shot along and wants to post for review and comments. Would that take it out of the collaborative process.

Seems kind of complicated – she appreciates the spirit of the document and that there is a sincere effort to encourage collaboration but it doesn’t seem as if this is clear. She started indy media and wants to have an inviting process and not restrictive.

– Julie feels that if we just maximize are tools and use them to the max that there is an opportunity and we need to better utilize what we have and that this process will be the logical outcome.

– Lulu is open to trying it and wants an open process to understand how a piece is approved. She had done a piece in a manner that she felt matched these qualities and yet was not in that category according to Fix. She wants clarity on what will be approved or not.

– Josh feels that the short or long is more about speed vs. a piece that doesn’t need to be posted ASAP. The proposal is a way to get the group to work together within small groups and collaborate on finding consensus. He thinks that it needs to be clearly articulated and consented on that the group will or will not create pieces a certain way. He is passionate about the collaborative process and feels there are many outlets where work can be posted.

– Ananda strongly disagrees that this is not an inclusive agreement and he feels it is not democratic and we need to be open to everyone and this protocol does not allow outsiders to engage with the media team when they have the time.

– Atiq feels that our priorities seem very wrong – the top priority should be how can we best serve the movement and the focus should be on the distribution and how we collaborate with however we create whatever we create is more about us simply collecting the voice of all the different people and being an alternative to the mainstream media and is strongly opposed to the proposal.

– Andrew feels the process is approval and there can be a site that has different categories and we can create different tabs for pieces that were created different ways. We can present both types and folks can jump in and vote and participate.

John agrees with what Andrew said and feels that so much has happened since the beginning and this proposal is too much work to have to work on to create pieces vs the need to create content. He understands and appreciates that process is important and wants us to focus on the process.

Friendly amendments are encouraged and should be submitted. Atiq said that he feels the proposal should only be an option and not a requirement.

– Fix will add the doc to googledocs and make it editable.

Joe feels that people should be encouraged to create collaboratively but that there needs to be a way to vet what will be posted. Atiq has a friendly amendment and will post to googledoc.

– Lulu suggested that there be a faster way to get something like this approved.

– John is concerned that doc will be restrictive and although he appreciates the doc and will work to honor this sort of proposal but does not want it to force people to act a certain way.

– Todd doesn’t fully understand the document and feels that perhaps we are looking at a two tiered system that allows for collaborative vs lone wolf and if all of these are subjected to some sort of vetting process then they get the stamp at the end.

Proposal will be posted on googledocs.


* Office Space:

–       Using computers

–       Access

–       Fix going away

We need to find a system to open/close the space. Julie suggested that we creating a sub group to manage the space. Ananda feels we should rotate the person in charge should be different every week.

Tom raised the issue that the person watching the office also know how to maintain the computers. Basically it is important that the person know how to work the computers. Ananda thinks that if we have a rotating schedule that is guided by excel document.


One of the responsibilities is to attend two meetings a week.

Two week rotation. For first few weeks the individual should be able to troubleshoot.

Renee feels that she, Fix and Tom have already been plugging in to the office and have a fair bit of knowledge.

Lulu can step-up on Tuesdays for 2-3 weeks in a row. Is this possible

Fix will check in with Bianca to see if this is possible.

Julia feels that this will work itself out. If we had a committee this would tie into the rotational.



* Website:

Someone needs to take lead on organizing and updating.

We have a crew call google list set up just for the purpose of easily and quickly finding folks and/or footage and so that these requests don’t get buried in the massive amounts of email that occur on GR.

To sign up, go here: http://groups.google.com/group/ows-crew-call

To send an email, (once your’e signed up)

send to: ows-crew-call@googlegroups.com




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