11/26/2011 Media Working Group Meeting

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Documentary Working Group/Creative Process Discussion:

– Mike was confused that the documentary subgroup proposal had been discussed at a meeting and consensus reached but somehow it was not a policy. Fix clarified a previous proposal passed by the group stated that proposals that affect the larger group need to be posted to the globalrev for 24hr review. It was clear to those in attendance that the Media WG needs to create a guidelines document that describes key items that we have consensus on. Given that we now have meetings less frequently we need to consider if the review period should wait until next meeting to discuss any concerns or amendments. The goal is to create a document that is completed by next Saturday.

– Fix offered to review old meeting notes and extract the items that are MWG policies and synthesize them into a document, post it to globalrev and bring to group for next Tuesday meeting. The objective would be to review, discuss and add missing elements – including what does it mean to be a member, how do we process footage and create content, documentary subgroup, etc. These should be agenda items for next meeting.

–  Josh: Media working group has huge responsibilities to document the movement and create content that is timely and proactive.

– Lulu suggested we create a forum with categories like crew call. We need to create a manner of working in a less collaborative way. Lulu wants to get more people involved and open up the process more. Expressed some concern about globalrev not being secure and anonymous and perhaps on the forum we can create pseudonyms.

– Josh feels the MWG is a unique collaboration with people working along side one another who are invested in the movement. The group is very much about artistic and creative collaboration. All the work we do should be about nurturing collaboration and growing the group along the lines of shared effort and passion for the movement.

– Fix described the process of making the documentary as discussed at meetings from months ago – the idea of small groups working on projects collaboratively and vetting them to group – ie ‘Turning Points’. Fix will repost the document that was created that described a consensus based creative process and suggested we revisit next Tuesday.

– Julie expressed that if we want to stay consistent to the movement we should honor the process of consensus, which can be messy and time consuming but is valuable and central to the movement’s success.

– Josh suggested that an affinity group for the documentary project might be the way to go which would potentially be more appropriate to what is being proposed.

– Lulu tried to do propose the project hoping to incorporate some of the people who have been here from the beginning. Senses that there is some serious concern from within the group and she is now considering either going to GA to form another WG or form an affinity group.


Tom suggested we look at Google ad sense:

Fix had reviewed it and it seems problematic to him as ads and our videos feel off. Everyone is encouraged to review the ad sense policies and chime in.


Mike told the group that Huffington Post wants to put OWS Media group content:

He will follow up and update group. Free Speech TV & MNN have also reached out Fix has been trying to follow up with Free Speech and has not had luck yet but he will call again on Monday with the goal being to facilitate them playing our videos and gently ask for in kind donation.


Two videos currently being worked on by various members of group will be posted by end of day for 24hr review by group. One relates to NYCDOS and their destroying of material and the other is a segment on Crosby & Nash’s performance and interview.


Nov 30th ‘Stop The Military Industrial Complex’:

* Action Spokes Council – Meet @ 16 Beaver St. Sunday Nov 27th, 7:00

* General Planning Meeting – Monday Nov. 28th at 7:00 at the War Resisters League office at 339 Lafayette St.


Dec 6th Action:

* Meeting tmrw at 2pm in Atrium at 60 Wall St. Josh & Fix will report back for those interested in media participation in action.



Mike discussed how they had a screen at Liberty that reflected how many people had signed up and support OWS. Currently raising money to promote poll and show level of support. Feels it would be a good idea to have an e-mail list to contact those who support the work of the OWS Media WG so we can keep them up to date. He will take point on organizing.



We need someone to sit at the desk on Friday Mike will do 9-1 Atiq will take 5-9. Lulu suggested we find individuals who are not shooters or editors to take care off more administrative roles. A number of folks expressed strong concerns with this and talked about the value in each of us taking different roles and connecting with other members of OWS and sharing the responsibility. ‘Step up, step back’ was cited. Lulu clarified that currently the media group is just shooters and editors and if it was expanded to include others who are not necessarily shooters and editors this would free up others.


Tuesday meeting we need to discuss access policy:

Fix suggested we use the online sign up for 3 hour blocks to edit/work. If you have your own laptop we can exceed the two person and you can sign up for a three hour block in the common area. If you are in the office and the three-hour time has elapsed but the office is not at capacity then you can extend but should remain aware of how busy the office is and step out if it reaches capacity. The office team is creating a document that summarizes the guidelines and will be completed by next Saturday and Fix will share with group.


Spoke’s Council:

Josh will be Spoke – members are encouraged to attend.


Workflow for production:

Tom talked about Adobe Premiere being the way to go to address frame rate and rendering but this item was tabled until Tuesday.

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