1/11/12 minutes

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Class War Campaign Working Group


1/11/2012 5pm Liberty Park

Members Present: Zach, Anthony, Bear, DJ, Ryan, Julian, Timmy Riot.



Comrade L must reimburse accounting

New Point People comrade Zach and Bear

Solidarity with communist groups

Workers world (get list)

International league of peoples struggle

IAC 55th and 17rh

Event Space at 14th street union square

Signs audio line essays speech fliers, pamphlets ect

Information bout accounting: From Anthony

Use of MTA metro cards-only use them for emergencies, the weekly cards

Class War on NYCGA.net website

Approach InfoHub about MIA admin, not sure if we have a page, if we do the admis are not present anyways

Submit minutes

Time and locations of spokes M,W,F at 7 at the 86th church

Anthony is the point person for the minutes

Plan of actions teach ins rallies about anarchism and communism

Are we able to be backed by DA for actions or are we able to do them autonomously?

Information about our ability to store at supplies at SIS

Getting in contact with the press working group and media and PR group for possible actions that we take so they can be covered

Autonomy in the groups for actions or do actions need to go before GA?

Utilizing printing budget

Outreach/solidarity with veterans with police

Mission statement

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