11.12.11 – Occupywallstreet.net Minutes

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download rough wireframes from this meeting from the Internet Working Group Blog

get involved:

– sub nav permabank, cash, sis, about



– ready to go

– people have to go out and collect feeds – maybe a work session, feed sprint in irc and live

– prebuilt distribution, need front end news.occupy.net is for curation

– need curators first

– involve pr

– functionality on occupywallstreet.net is up to us, tagline takes you to original site though

– rolling channel feed for v1. who will this react? Sam does research


1. feed sprint

2. curators

3. front end



– categories: blog and press releases. content creators can determine occupiers of the day, stories, events, etc. for other categories.

– press releases get a different styling. pre-populate with pr/press help.

– who posts? how do we get content creation? do we have one account or many? Drew: people have to own. Make sure creators have profiles.

– Drupal platform


1. reach out to press to determine dedicated content creators

2. reach out to occupy wall street journal


front page:

– highlights: could be any featured content

– blurb about how this is official

– live stream(s)

– outside featured projects



+ landing:

– youtube playlist player

– graphic nodes

– flickr stream

+ infographics:

– we are the 99%? maybe not.

– curated by design

– infographics

– voting and popularity maybe for v2?

+ videos:

– video grid

+ photos:

– flickr stream



– #occupywallst, #occupywallstreet, #nycga,

– cheat sheet



– no voting

– facebook/twitter/ google + share/like buttons

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