10/6/11 Meeting Minutes

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Origins: Started on Oct 1 2011. Formed in resopnse to people of color alienation. Get more communities involved.


  1. Initiatives
  2. Needs/ Organizational
  3. Announcement/ proposal

So Far put out open call to communities, QPOCs, Religious etc of color. We have list of places to organize such as churches, mosques and community centers. People are working on a statement.

Outreach: It is difficult to do cuz of the heavy police presence. We need to get people involved without having to come here. We need to collaborate with existing groups. We need to build on previous work. Education needs to happen at liberaty plaza and in communities of color.

Direct Action: Next Friday we are having a Muslim prayer.

Need childcare cuz that will help more people come out.  Andrew is childcare point person.

Second Edition of Occupy Wall Street Journal is being written. We need copies to distribute to our communities. Paper needs to be in Spanish and other languages possibly. MICcheck needs to be in

POC Point People:

POCS need to pass out flyers for such meetings at Liberty Plaza.

Need to do education on police harrassment/ brutality.

Invite ACT UP for know your rights training at Liberty plaza.

Al Sharpton is being invited.

Safer Safe Group Developed out of need to make space safe for female boded people.

DEBATE: Should this be a poc only group

Here are the debates which happened. No names, just a letter assigned for each speaker.

  • a) occupy is an open space so we should be open.
  • b) keep it closed. waste time explaining poc stuff to non-pocs.
  • c) ally groups possible—yes
  • d)liason with safe space committee
  • e)important to have non poc in this space
  • f)close  is good to be safe space
  • g)in GA, trying to have marginalized have voice
  • h)should we vote on this question tonight
  • i)how would closed group hurt us
  • j) be a caucus, have rep in every working group
  • k)we are a consensus group so we all need to agree
  • l)booklist on race and America
  • m)applciation process to see who should be in this space
  • n)this is not a closed group. it is open to poc
  • o)I came to this space cuz it was poc only and would be safe.
  • p)I feel uncomfy with length of conversation
  • q) occupy wall street might not last long. if people want to work multi-racially they should form seperate working group
  • r)this is already a multi-racial space

Wording of this workign group: POC working group open to anyone who identifies as a POC.

This is not a movement, but a working group on larger movement.

Unity is the best thing. People do not know how to act with each other, so need to think carefuly.

This is my 15th day at Wall Street, but spoke on GA for 1st time and on Thursand I was not listened to and was put down.  Wall Street was built by POC and Black Slaves so it is a POC space.

This is not about division but about having our voices heard because this is our community.

Block: If you dont agree with proposal but everyone agrees, then you can leave.

Stand aside: Dont agree but will stay in group.

Queer POC and allies collective—white allies abused their privielge. Not a good process, dont have time to work through that, open to POC allowing allies to work with us.

  • Open to POC
  • Consensus because no blocks
  • Move to google groups because larger than planned
  • Have meeting every wednesday @ 6:30 and Sunday @ 3pm
  • Will be posted on google group, FB and more.


Some important announcements that we did not get time to address last night:

  1. A member of our group put together an excellent statement in solidarity with the thousands of prisoners who are on hunger strike demanding humane conditions in the California Prison System. The document has been shared with the Organizing google group. If you are interested in organizing with the group, please send in your email address and you will be added to that group and able to edit the document.
  2. Upcoming Event: This Sunday, October 9th at 6 p.m., members of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, an organizanization that is part of the Zapatista initiated The Other Campaign have been invited and will participate in Occupy Wall St. They will share a message written by the humble immigrant community of East Harlem on their seven-year struggle for dignity and against neoliberal displacement.  This information should go up on the tumblr, facebook and twitter and please attend and spread the word.

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