10/30 agenda

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  1. WHERE: 60 wall St.
  2. START TIME: 3:00pm
  3. Introductions
  4. Designate roles
    • Facilitators / Moderators ????
    •       Jesse – Stack
    • Notetakers ????
    • Stefan – Timekeeper
  5. Agenda Review/Additions/Deletions/Revisions
  6. Process Discussion
  7. Brief Summary of Minutes from last meeting – not needed?
  8. Subgroup Report Backs – Information Only(w/ time for clarifying questions)
    A.      Alternate Voting Experiment — Kay
    B.      Viral Campaign for Constitutional Convention – Jesse
    C.      Electoral Reform – Tim followed by Robert
  9. Proposals   (subWG proposals 1st, then individual proposals in order of time of request)
    A.      ????B.I propose we produce a document that states the inherent problems of groups whose members often operate with anonymity and express their ideas remotely; along with a set of directives that serves to mitigate these problems. In addition, we should post this document online to allow for amendments by group members. – Stefan
    C.      Proposal to formally create a ‘process’ subgroup with the objective to define a clear set of ‘parliamentary procedures’ for this group (subject to group consensus of course) – Scott
  10. Individual Announcements/General Points of Information
  11. Individual Opinions (if time allowed)
  12. Closing

3 Responses to “10/30 agenda”

  1. Robert David STEELE Vivas

    My understanding is that Electoral Reform Act of 2012 was supposed to be on the agenda, and that Tim would first present his compilation of the group’s preamble and specifics, and then I would present what I am bringing to the group from Virginia, which now blends in everything the group has considered on its own (remarkable overlap, not hard to blend). If this is not the case, I cannot do the drive in an old car. Would appreciate someone, anyone, confirming that it is on the agenda, and the address for my Garmin.

  2. s.t.

    question for electoral reform subgroup : will this be a report back today or is there a proposal on the agenda? if so, which one?

  3. Jackrabbit

    Friends, please accept my sincerest apologies for not being able to make today’s meeting. I hope to see you on Thursday. Have a great meeting. Love to you all.