10/24/11 Meeting Minutes

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October 24, 2011 1:00 pm Meeting Minutes

We waited at Liberty Square under the Red Sculpture until 1:25 and left for deli.
In attendance were: Adam, Tina, Elizabeth, Kevin, Katie.

Pre-meeting we welcomed new members/visitors from Media (Shirley Chesney), from Internet (Dr. Ron and Marguerite) and from OccupyDesign (Nicole).

  • At 1:30, Introductions were made.
  • Branding discussion tabled until next meeting when more of the Branding small group (Design Strategy team?) are present and due to the late start of meeting.
  • Internet reps Dr. Ron and Marguerite gave us overview of NYCGA site. The NYCGA site is a site whose main goal is to connect groups together and to launch other Occupation sites. We heard about their beginnings as a group and that the new NYCGA site is still taking shape. We discussed with Internet reps how we might improve our design group forum and serve as a model to other groups. Design development is needed for existing NYCGA site and in establishing/designing WordPress themes for other groups. We agreed that our own design strategy and plan is needed first and then styleguides can be made for other groups to choose from. We agreed to continue the discussion, exchanged emails and Katie will continue to “ambassador” with Internet.
  • Request Form was discussed. We will add a link on the NYCGA site to our request form for starters. All agreed to proceed with this.
  • Report back from groups:
  • Nicole from Occupy Design LA/SF filled us in on their available open source protest and logistical signs. We agreed to stay in touch and will follow up with Nicole. She is here from SF for 3 weeks or more.
  • Spokes Council. Discussed how it will benefit the organization but that the vote is far from happening still with many blocks at the last meeting. Please read the GA meetings to stay tuned to happenings. Jessica and any others who are attending GA meetings will keep us informed by stating a new thread.
  • Mission statement.(see below) Tina presented two approaches, one more for internal use and one more for attracting working groups and members) worked on by Jessica, Adam and Tina. We discussed how the immediate need was to have it on the NYCGA internet. Tina and Jessica (Adam?) will send new mission statement for the NYCGA site to group for final edits. It will contain a description and a mission statement and a link for people to join the group and a link for working groups to request design from us. Once agreed it will be sent to Internet Group for our forum header.
  • Meeting ended. Next meeting Sunday, October 30 at 1:00 pm.



The Design Group is responsible for fulfilling design requests for NYCGA and all working groups. We are comprised of both print & web designers, video editors, typographers and Illustrators, as well as project managers and strategists. Our aim is to provide a visual voice for this movement so the initiatives of individual working groups can reach the public in a clear, organized and beautiful way. Examples of requests we might fulfill include window posters, fliers, logos, signage, graphics or organizational calendars. As the design group continues to thrive we hope to expand our role as an inspirational body representing and telegraphically communicating the messages of the 99%. We look forward to unifying, synthesizing and connecting with all the diverse, artistic visions of this movement throughout our country and the world.

The mission of the Design Group is to create a cross-media design communications practice that supports the Occupy Wall Street/NYC General Assembly declaration by the design solutions we provide and with the collaborative process we embody for the success of OWS/NYCGA  — benefiting all individual design group members as well as the entire OWS/NYCGA community.

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  1. kevin henson

    We did also speak on the topic of signage in the park, though maybe this wasn’t on the agenda and just me blurting it out. I brought up that i had been to every group/desk i could locate over fri/sat and that there’s no good signage at all. I also mentioned that only one person was aware there was a design group. Another from info told me i was wrong in using the term “Design Group” because that implied we designed the structure of the GA. Then we talked about using PVC pipes in weighted buckets as i had seen at the medical tent and that Nicole had seen others working with.

    Sorry i couldn’t make this input sooner but i’ve been without internet.