10/24 Think Tank organizational meeting minutes

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Think Tank Organizational Meeting, 24th October


-       Faciliation

-       Organizational Document

-       Organizing contacts and communication

-       Data – collection/collation, accessibility and eventual analysis

-       Website



-       How we aggregate the information we collect in discussion groups

  1. record discussions – upload audiofiles
  2. whoever takes notes types them up and uploads them – the general gist of the conversation – onto the GANYC.net Think Tank page

-       Do we want more expertise in the discussions? Members of other committees? Scheduled discussions?

-       All facilitators should go to a facilitator training session.

-       Taking stack sometimes a problem – art of understanding when to take stack, when to take direct responses (people abuse direct response) , structured conversations vs. open conversations. Is the park right for structured conversations?

-       Important to explain stack and rules of procedure before starting the conversations

TO DO: Make handout on table a lot clearer


Organizing Contacts

-       2 groups – general and organizational

-       files within gmail account for storing ongoing discussions taking place over email, or suggestions, comments, articles sent to us by email


Organisational Document:

Things to get done:

1)   Organization of booth

-       we need at all times, one facilitator and one note-taker. Preferably one other person also to talk to people passing by. 12-6 everyday (TIM)


2)   Coordinate with working groups – their minutes, ideas, actions (CHRISTIAN)


3)   Coordinate Online aspects – creation of Tumblr page (MARK)

-       Tumblr site: everyone should be able to see whatever is up there

-       Editing should be restricted to organizational team

TO DO: Logistics web interface (MARK)

               Sorting the email contacts (LILY)


4)   Coordinate with other occupiers (BRYAN)


5)   Coordinate community outreach

-       NESRI can help with this/

-       Requires working with Education and Empowerment also (can piggy back off their outreach work) (NINA AND CAMILLA)

-       CHASHAMA (?)


6)   Coordinate Analysis – getting analytical side of think tank up and running

-       coded into software: notes from meetings/index cards/discussion groups etc

-       ideal would be to create in the first place, a searchable archive – Coordinate with Occupy Archive

-       Ideally would be a PhD student or set of PhD students working on this

-       ENVIVO training



-       role of NESRI (transcribing and parsing data, storing hard archive of documents etc.)

-       How to get the data more organized

-       What will the archive look like?  Where will it be? (Duke Library/ People’s Libarary/ nycga.net


TO DO: send out a logistics email (LILY)


7)   Coordinate research groups (AUDREY)



8)   Administrative:

-       someone to go to GAs, ensure we’re covered, make announcements etc.

-       schedule  of other working groups meetings





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