10/23/11 Meeting Minutes

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  • co-facilitators- Danielle & Manissa
  • Stack- Ileana
  • Vibes-Angelique
  • Megan- recording the history and creation of the POC workgroup by audio.
  • Notes-shreya.

I. Opening

  • review consensus hand signals/temperature check. these signals help everyone here to take ownership in how this meeting runs.
  • this group has been consensed on to be for those who identify as POC.

How to ensure this space remains safer (10m group brainstorm)

  • respect the person speaking at the moment- diminish small group/side conversations
  • addressing concerns with compassion & openness
  • stay on topic and within the agenda item- other facilitator should step up and cut it off.
  • no oppressive language or personal attacks
  • listen and remember we are here to build together
  • be aware and reflective about the power dynamics you hold in our space.
  • timekeeping
  • ask when you are confused.
  • respect others reactions if they tell you you are being disrespectful–tone it down.
  • step up step up (step up your listening, step up talking- whichever challenges you)
  • ownership/collective responsibility for group process, help facilitate.
  • Temperature Check: group consenses that these guidelines feel good.

II. Subcommittee Updates

Prison Solidarity (Israel)

  • Tuesday 25th, 7pm: Prison Industrial Complex & Wall Street Movement Teach In @ Atrium.
  • Last Friday’s Precinct action went well: 33 arrested (majority released quickly); 120 participants. Precinct Actions will continue to expand.
  • 16th annual National Day of Protest (NDP) went well. The NDP 022 national office is in NYC- there is a meeting this Thursday at Project Reach (39 Elder St, b/t Hester & Canal).

Facilitation (Sonny, Danielle)

  • 1 hour teach in after POC WG mtg today to share facilitation skills for those interested in helping with POC and/or OWS facilitation.
  • Non-violent mediation training coming up! Date/Location TBA (to be announced).

      Education (Prita)

  • Healing Internalized Racism 1 hr workshop went well- more such workshops from Gabriel TBA.
  • Tues, 25th: Day-long Anti-Racism Training : 1p-9:30p (1-3p power & privilege, 3:30-5p trg for white people, 5:30p-7:30p trg for POCs, 8:30p-9:30p culture share)

Outreach (Sheman, Wen)

Borough Outreach

Brooklyn Outreach:

  • 1000 flyers handed on in only 2 hours! need to make many more copies. lots of confusion (many were asking ‘what are the demands’ and ‘what is happening at OWS’?) so more outreach is needed!
  • volunteers needed for wo(man)-ing/person-ing the POC table, near the espanol table at OWS. there is a Doodle sign-up that will go out again, went out last week. (Andrew)
  • BK outreach was held in Boerum Hill. Didn’t have many people there. This week Brooklyn GA is in Crown Hts. Need more POC outreach.
  • Propose: list of priniciples for BK GA. Thanu is the point person. Contact her to get statement of principles together. Thanu to start email list.
  • Voice of dissent about principles- not necessary- need action. Others find that it needs to be action-based and written on paper. Another comment that the statement of principles within the POC then is needed.





Queens Outreach:

  • there is a group that has also formed in Queens (paper passed around to collect email addresses of those based in Queens). Queens needs to be warmed up before even having a GA (Preach).


  • ‘racial wealth divide’ and ‘WS & racial justice’ research being done for fact sheet.
  •  come to the research sub-com meeting, which is meeting after Wednesday’s POC 6:30p mtg!


  • a brave & beautiful person(Osiris and Jamie) stepped up to be the point person and navigate how to get the POC groups money (each OWS workgroup gets $100/day). TWINKLE HANDS!

Press (Thanu)

  • press is getting lots of inquiries by the media, requesting people of specific ethnicities/races *and *specific languages. get in touch with thanu/press sub-com and share this info with them, if you’re willing/want to speak to media.
  • Kanene & Karenja are actively involved in OWS press team.

*Concerns about the Student Subcom & Media Subcom were shared that if point persons are not showing up at POC meetings, how to keep building momentum?

* Emails too have not been answered.


  • ‘Makin’ Media, Building the movement’ skill-share went well, next one is Thurs, 27th 6:30-8p, @atrium, for a media skill-building and strategizing session to get more representative, diversified PR/media outlets
  • All Flyers handed out should also be emailed to UnifiedOWS@gmail.com (and cc-ed to POCworkinggroup@gmail.com) to make sure it gets up on the blog.
  • those who want to support the creation of media guidelines for those interested in documenting parts of the POC WG meetings, please see Danielle W who volunteered to be point person to carry on this conversation.

       Safer Spaces subcom (Angelique, Danielle)

  • They have received everyone’s notes from break out group’s from last Sunday and are coming up with a list of suggestions/proposals to be brought to a meeting soon!


  • send out event information to this listserv ASAP so you can go up on new calendar!! (some events have somehow gotten taken down in last few days, let Alejandro if this happens, he will work to correct it).
  • check out and sign up for new website and join POC working group there: www.nycga.net

III. other spokes as well, not just the POC caucus.

  •  call or email “Prerna Sampat” <inquilab@gmail.com>, for structure working group info: 847.340.1658
  •  structure working group is doing teach ins at 2pm daily at 60 wall street to answer questions. IT IS BEING BROUGHT BACK TO GA THIS FRIDAY (previously we said Wed, it has been changed to Friday

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