10/23 Agenda

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  1. Introductions
  2. Agenda Review & Revisions / Designate roles

    • Facilitators / Moderators (is everyone ok with Ahmed & Scott for this meeting only?)
    • Notetakers (we need up to 2 people to take notes, ideally one handwriting & one on computer, also record audio?)
    • Timekeeper (to note how long each section takes/should take)
  3. Process Presentation (we will give a brief summary and then ask to interject with Points of Process if/when necessary)

  4. Summary of Minutes from last meeting  — (how long should this take?  can it be brief since minutes are posted online?  can we print out a few copies as well?)

  5. Subgroup Report Backs – Information Only (how long should these last?)
    1. Alternate Voting Experiment
    2. Viral Campaign for Constitutional Convention
  6. Proposals   (moved Electoral Reform proposal here to follow Quick Guide & NYCGA template with SWG proposals 1st, then individual proposals in order of time of request, with multiple proposals by 1 indiv. moved to the bottom.)
    A.      Electoral Reform Subgroup Proposal – Tim
          Larger House of Representatives  – Casey
    C.      Platypus Affiliated Society Cosponsorship – Jackrabbit
    D.      9 proposals from Robert Steele and Jim Turner, based on proposals by Ralph Nader/Christina Tobin – Casey
    E.      Liquid Democracy – Casey
    (Casey, in the interest of time, which proposal would you prefer focusing on 1st?)
  7. Individual Announcements/General Points of Information
  8. Closing

5 Responses to “10/23 Agenda”

  1. Anne

    I am willing to take notes but cannot stay at this meeting for longer than an hour and a half.

    Is Proposal A the proposal that was posted on the Google group and discussed there?

    Please don’t use the word “ladies.”

    Are there really 9 proposals from 2 individuals and if so can these really be discussed in one meeting?

  2. Jackrabbit

    I second @anne as note taker for tomorrow’s meeting. If anyone else is interested in taking over for her after she has to go please feel free to volunteer.

    I also have concerns about 9 proposals being brought to the group by people who is not here to advocate for them. We should probably bring this up at the meeting. There is also a time issue involved both with the meeting itself and the time it takes to read 9 proposals.

  3. s.t.

    questions moved from agenda copy (didn’t realize there was a discussion section until now)

    Q’s on Spokes Council Discussion:

    where should it come on the agenda?
    can it replace last week’s meeting minutes?
    in the interest of time, could it please focus on issues related specifically to our WG only?

    Q: How should PROGRESSIVE STACK (aka “step up, step back”) be used?? — should we follow this principle in our WG? in what way?
    -those born into traditionally privileged groups defer to those from traditionally underprivileged groups?
    -those who have already spoken most recently agree to step to the back of the line?
    -facilitators should be responsible to encourage everyone to adhere to these principles (with corrections made by anyone if there’s a mistake).

  4. s.t.

    anne – done, sorry, poor attempt at injecting a little levity into the subject. what do you feel about using progressive stack?

    also, A is that proposal yes, though not sure what version will be presented. not sure either about the “9 proposals” or how it will be presented.

  5. tim

    Are we going to meet up in the plaza near the library or has that changed? Last time we ended up across the street on the benches near the cube. And there has been talk of the atrium at 60(?) Wall St.