10/23 Agenda — NEW and revised

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  1. Introductions

  2. Agenda Review & Revisions / Designate roles
    • Facilitators / Moderators (Ahmed/Scott)
    • Notetakers (Anne + 1 more person)
    • Timekeeper (to note how long each section takes/should take)

  3. Process Presentation (brief summary of Quick Guide)

  4. Summary of Minutes from last meeting / Spokes Council Discussion

  5. Subgroup Report Backs – Information Only (w/ time for clarifying questions)
    A.      Alternate Voting Experiment — Kay?
    B.      Viral Campaign for Constitutional Convention – Jesse ?
  6. Proposals   (subWG proposals 1st, then individual proposals in order of time of request)
    A.      Electoral Reform Subgroup Proposal – Tim
    B.      Larger House of Representatives  – Casey
    C.      Platypus Affiliated Society Cosponsorship – Jackrabbit
  7. Individual Announcements/General Points of Information

  8. Closing

One Response to “10/23 Agenda — NEW and revised”

  1. Anne

    If/when we pass a list of proposals, I think we need to think about how they will be presented to the General Assembly–as “suggestions” or “demands.”

    Of course, if they are passed by the General Assembly, this will mean that OWS is making these “suggestions” or “demands” to the existing system…whichh is fine by me and I assume everyone else in this group, but may not sit well with more ideological anarchists who want to do away with representative democracy altogether…what we are proposing here are reforms to representative democracy, not “direct democracy” (which seems to me to be clearly unworkable in a country of 300 million). In the “official” language of OWS (what appears on the website and elsewhere), only “direct democracy” is the approved system. I’ve often been intrigued by the contrast between “welcoming all political persuasions” and the emphasis on “direct democracy” which is an ideological position associated with anarchism.