10/2/11 Meeting Minutes

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Design Meeting, Sunday October 9th



-  Emily: enjoys working on logos, has similar day job

-  Adam: into type

-  Megan

-  Jo: artist in Philadelphia

-  Josh MacPhee: signs & art of cultural movements (book)

-  Josh Collins

-  Gregg:  graphic & web; would like to organize materials, connect to media spaces, etc.; distribution channel solution, archive; involved with WSJ

-  Steve:  book store in Staten Island, B+W zerox, web

-  Elizabeth: from outreach


Copy Finalization

-  groups requesting info should have their copy fairly finalized before it comes to design

-  no adding/changing copy?

-  integrated copy/design if truly horizontal?

-  should develop our own statement for people asking for design

- no doubling of text

-  change some text that is offensive

-  one person editor of info, etc?

-  one per project


Flow Chart Conversation

-  3rd one down, opinionated language: needs to go through GA first

-  must remain conscious of if the statement isn’t speaking for everyone

-  no translation yet as part of our protocol

-  as of now project is done by design then is sent to outreach for printing


Crabgrass = no go

-  buggy, problems


Buddypress = yes

-  wordpress set of plug-ins

-  post requests, comment loop, status

-  need to see if each thread can have a status

-  general agreement that buddypress sounds good


In the Meantime (until Buddypress is up and running)

-  designated people point for assignment, go from idea to completion

-  project manager role that rotates by the week

-  phone convo to train the next one?

-  no design that week

-  schedule for who is PM each week

-  on the NYCGA site there are emails for the other working groups

-  rotate all roles?  up to project manager to find each?

-  email for submissions for now, point people work via google group

-  one email thread per assignment

-  job status sheet

-  spreadsheet w/ date, working group, designer, editor, PM, etc.

-  dropbox still in the running

-  occupymedia.com

-  place for posting stuff and could be a place the design work too

-  need an image dump/raw materials site for design

-  fonts and imagines

-  narrow down the amount of visuals, choices, and fonts

-  must be careful to not get too branded-looking

-  design standards

-  the problem with the young folks

-  mentor program?

-  more likely just steer them away to other groups, broader arts & culture group if they are bad

-  eventually the different boroughs will have GAs, and by then the standards will probably be lower so the youngins can help out too

-  advertise that people who want to join must know the design programs

-  one email for applicants?

-  one email for submissions?  then PM consolidates requests and sends them to those assigned?



- there is a translation committee

- full Spanish capability

- NYCGA site has the translation comm’s contact info

-  need to have a systematic inclusion of translation into the design process



- not actually affiliated with the GA

- Adam has experience with newspapers


End of workflow: Printing & Finance

-  list of printers willing to help, outreach has and will share this list

- first thing when something needs printing is they ask those people

- if no one can do it, they go to staples and then get reimbursed by the GA

- need to find list of local (non-chain like Staples) printers that could be used

- Nadine is going to compile a list and keep track of price comparisons (the test             will be 10,000 double-sided, B&W)

- are there any union printers that we could collaborate with?  if so, would they do             it for free?

-  design may be able to help outreach with their printer expertise

-  cheaper papers to use

-  off-set vs. photocopying

- color paper?


Finance Meeting Report

-  as of now, working groups can get $100 cash from the GA to do something (must be back in three hours with a receipt or you won’t be given money again)

-  printing budget = $3,000

-  working toward system where each working group has a budget


Materials – Press (map, etc.)

-  redesign of long-term materials

-  NYCGA.cc = official site

-  occupywallst.org = affiliated

-  justseeds.org/blog = artist co-op with images, can grab from

-  occupenial group w/ art stuff… website point = drew@nycga.net


Submission Request Overview (it is rumored that it may be made into beautiful flow chart by Emily in the near future):

-  project manager gets request (rotating)

-  PM finds designer and copy person

-  after, revision by that small group (designer and copy person)

-  confirmation of info w/person contacts (this step’s location wasn’t articulated, so I’ll put it here)

-  then to the group at large for any comments, revision

-  then PM oversees the printing, and makes sure it gets to the internet group on the website (especially longer-term stuff)



Project Manager List:

-  this week: Adam

-  next week: Juda

-  Jo?



Need to make a set structure for how to get design requests and what is expected of working groups when they’re requesting stuff

-  only fielding requests from working groups, not individuals

-  design request guidelines: finalized copy, confirmed dates and times, less is more, size of print (1/4 page is usually preferred)

-  information sheet to the Info table?  Have it sent out to the working groups via email as well?


Push NYCGA site (NYCGA.cc) more because it’s the official one



**Weekly meetings will be held Sundays @ 1pm.  The group will meet under the red sculpture thing at Broadway & Cedar**


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