10/2/11 meeting minutes

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List of groups to do outreach to:

What connections do we have?

  •     Churches
  •      Community meetings
  •      Local reps
  •      Unions
  •      Black politicians
  •      Living wage
  •      Apartment buildings.
  •      People to reach out to(celebs)

Vibe app: talk to ppl anonymously

Spreading the Word:

  • Statement of how people get involved and one of why you should get involved.

Reach out to black politicians to ask what they are doing to support an get involved.

Hold meetings/presentations there.

We should put together a PR statement and editorial to contribute to the OWS Journal and other media sources.

Freedom Party Action for religious and racial diversity:
United Muslim movement, community Friday prayer service and food at Lib Plaza on a Friday.

Meeting Schedule

  •    Every Sunday at 3 and usually Wednesday 6:30
  •    Because of the Wednesday protest, we will meet this Thursday 6:30


If you have any questions about the minutes, please ask. Until tomorrow. And please spread the word of this working group.

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