10/16/11 Meeting Minutes

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October 16 Meeting Minutes:


Introductions, etc.


Volunteering to do work, not having the time to do it

–   know your limits!

–   must finish what you start

–   generally has to happen that day

–   put main file up there, someone else do corrections

–   designing as a collective

–   Jackie: did poster, talked to Adam, something about translation, didn’t know who was doing corrections

–   what if all the designers had partner designer?

–   what if both people are busy?

–   pick partner by common interests

–   each project that opens up new email thread (discussed last week, just haven’t done it yet)

–   new site, place to start forums

–   place where you can just do the project

–   fonts, templates, all of that stuff

–   design toolkit!

–   there’s branding, but there’s brand identity



–   against strict branding

–   need to be more unified to a degree, but not so strict that people can’t make their own decisions

–   typefaces

–   images, image bank: reference images on dropbox

–   templates

–   on dropbox, bunch of fonts to use

–   past examples for some ideas to go by?

–   google docs, all edit it, thread at the bottom of google docs, start sketching out ideas to get it together


Design group fail!

–   lack of assignments coming from Outreach now.. are we too slow?  Yep.

–   need more organization, more clear concept of what jobs should be done by each individual


Other working groups:

–   occasionally go to other meetings, come back to our group and say what’s going on

–   might help us stay in touch, help in a certain way

–   volunteers to other groups?  Katie to Internet?  Arts & Culture?

–   website: just internal?

–   everyone

–   forum mixed with a blog

–   can post even if not an admin, still working on the technical part of that

–   working groups will work together

–   transparent for the public, can’t post until you register

–   also an interface



–   first page of site has working group logos, click on group, go into our area where we can work internally

–   live feed along the side (like facebook)

–   move everything from email, dropbox onto there, then stop the email floods

–   don’t announce URL to anyone until it launches

–   figure out our workflow, our needs, how to approach our incoming projects, work with internet group to build our specific subdomain (wordpress site with multiple pages

–   inspiration stuff

–   blog stuff

–   manage everything with categories, keep it all on one page

–   everything works on tagging

–   job number, search it and it comes up (need to develop naming convention)

–   form w/fields

–   all the info for the event, other working groups fill out for request

–   could make field where it assigns to a designer, backup, etc.


Flowchart for working steps/job responsibilities

–   see last week’s stuff

–   request email checked, forwarded?  no.  Too much stuff coming into google group

–   changed every week to the point person, goes to that person

–   all of these problems will hopefully be eliminated by getting the new website

–   form will most likely just go to a google doc, there are templates though for free, we can make one ourselves

–   on new site will still have to use google docs, google group, and dropbox

–   set up our own satellite system?

–   site people said you can do what you want, they have certain things available and can facilitate the rest

–   BaseCamp account:

–   start threads for specific projects

–   everything

–   tracks time, creates schedule, completion of assignments, etc.

–   wait for a while?  wait until people get caught up?

–   transparency issue

–   impractical at some level, need to come up with stuff first, can make as transparent as possible

–   Project manager’s job

–   rhythm for event, assignments, etc.  busiest days of week

–   have to have availability on the bigger days

–   instead of rotating, have a few people that are designated for that?  people who are more comfortable with that than the design

–   “account manager” folks for each working group

–   buddy system! :: pair non-9-to-5-ers with regular scheduled stuff

–   point person with that working group, managing that account, then project manages the assignments that come in

–   Basecamp

–   files associated with job, etc.

–   each job is its own little ecosystem with people assigned, files associated, etc.

–   native files kept internally

–   eliminates the email craziness

–  transparency imperative.

–  certain discussions have a place on the forum, but project-related discussions should be on basecamp



–   task two people to work through that stuff, tie in basecamp to workflow, send out that document to let everyone know what’s going on with how this will be integrated

–   naming convention

–   how do we want to work announcements?  google groups.

–   copy and paste so that it’s only to that thing, not to the whole group

–  job numbers, timeframe, standardized

–  relates back to jobs sheet to avoid confusion

–  urgent = due within 24 hours

–  project managers will be putting the info on basecamp

–  copy editor role too?  sometimes, flexible.

–  forwarding to translation

–  account point w/ have access to basecamp, give them the final file

–  if they don’t have access, just send it to them

–  outreach group requests that we send final files to their wiki

–  every time that new project added to the spreadsheet, automated email out to group to tell everyone that it’s there



–    outreach discussion will happen, hopefully this will not be design’s job


Mission Statement

–  talk to media, see what they have done for that, see if we can make our own

–  Jackie is going to talk to them

–  protocol for new members

–  explanation of workflow for new people

–  information to give them, passwords to some things, etc.

–  move most of this to next week

–  please do not join group unless you agree to the terms


Unifying marks, logos

–  next week’s agenda

–  similarity to media, too (will get stuff up so everyone can see)

–  proposal for next week, Adam, Christian



–    if you’re not a graphic designer, be on the outside looking in, but don’t get in the way of things

–    starting arguments?  No good.

–    protocol for troll:

–    basecamp is for projects not political discussions (or Russell Simmons talks)

–    written out protocol for how to communicate, what there for

–    a lot of this stuff will be sorted out with the forum, can control what goes into your inbox, can control who is moderator or administrator, can have conversations about design in general, can add stuff to the image bank, etc.

–    automated response to new folks that they can do their own art, encourage it, say that we appreciate you, but won’t be official… but please keep creating  (brings discussion back to mission statement and new member protocol)

–    not unethical to remove someone that everyone agrees is a problem

–    let her know what’s up, give her a warning

–    ignore

–    will be written protocol by Tina


Relationships with other groups, GA stuff

–    do other group know we exist?  need more of a regular presence at GAs

–    on the website will put our minutes for the meetings

–    ambassadors to other groups will help with that

–    make sure things are set up first before making GA announcement, email thread, Katie will keep tabs on the status

–    need to at least be in GA with working group reports talking about how we’re in the works of setting up the structure


Gregg & Katie are project managers this week  (will talk to Adam about the deets)


Image bank:

–    Jessica and Adam want to put that together

–    get it on flickr, will be part of the toolbox

–    will be original stuff because people creating stuff and sending it at us (talk to artist, talk about changes, permissions, or anything of that sort)



Make the directory a document

–    include all of the stuff from the sign-up list

–    ambassadors, etc.

–    Jackie will start to work on migration of info

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