10.27 Agenda

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  1. Introductions
  2. Agenda Review & Revisions / Designate roles
    • Facilitators / Moderators (Jackrabbit)
    • Notetakers 
    • Timekeeper 
    • Dragon
  3. Process Review
  4. Subgroup Report Backs – Information Only (w/ time for clarifying questions)
    A.      Alternate Voting Experiment – Tim/Kay
    B.      Viral Campaign for Constitutional Convention – Jesse
    C. Inter Occupation Communication
  5. Proposals/Discussion
    A.      Electoral Reform Subgroup Proposal – Tim
    B.      Draft a mission statement
    C.      New member guidelines
    D. Discussion of applying for funds from the GA

    E. PAER adopts 10.25 GA resolution to condemn City of Oakland’s attack on Occupy Oakland

    F. Temperature check about having a media team come in and video tape us.

  1. Announcements
  2. Closing


2 Responses to “10.27 Agenda”

  1. Jackrabbit

    No no no, I just over looked it because I didn’t see it. I was looking for agenda items and that was a ‘temp check’ :) I’ll add it right now.