1.25.2012 Minutes!

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Present: Angie, Bear, Chilligan, Prince, Razor, Zak

-How do we radicalize this shit?
–Direct actions: working with veterans (Bear): getting them to go to recruitment centers & talk to active-duty soldiers (provide literature, on nonviolence, etc?); tell stories–dialogue with occupiers (teach-in idea!)
–Addressing OWS’s internal problems: SOAP-DISH (Bear)–help with structural disorganization, with message cohesion [personally I don’t see how SOAP-DISH would help this second one], 12-step principles [NOT the 12-steps themselves]–“confederated anarchist republics” [oh Bear, so many anarchists would not consider republican organization anarchistic], develop a system of squats to help deal with the housing problem (housing large numbers of people in churches reproduces the problems of the park–people should be allowed to self-organize in affinity groups, etc.); “organized grassroots tribal communalism” (Chilligan)
–Counter-propaganda on Communism & Anarchism: Communism ain’t Stalinism, Anarchism ain’t chaos, etc; teach-ins: on capitalism, on anti-oppression (talk to Sparrow from DA about helping out with this one? training us to do teach-ins on (anti-)oppression?)
–Make us more palatable to the movement: Class War promo video (Angie): “Are you tired of working for slave wages? Are you tired of serving the State? Join Class War Camp!” (Bear)
–Literature about “simple sabotage”: grocery workers only scan every 3rd item; hand out free food; “occupy conversations” (Chilligan)
–“disciple without violence” (Bear)

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