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TradeJustice NY Metro / OWS Trade Justice Working Group Joint Meeting

Jan 24, 2012 Minutes

60 Wall Street Atrium, 7:30PM


1. Introductory Items

Facilitator – Adam

Notetaker – Becky

TimeKeeper – Ruth


In Attendance:

Adam Weissman – Global Justice for Animals and the Environmental

Becky Hurwitz – OWS Global Justice Working Group

Christina Schiavoni – WhyHunger

Ruth Santana – Global Justice for Animals and the Environmental


By Phone: Curtis Ellis, American Jobs Alliance


2. Report Back


Monday – Jackson Heights


  • Went to Occupy Queens ThinkTank in the subway; about NDAA; participated and invited people to attend an event taking place an hour after @ Teraza 7 bar about Afro-Colombian land rights issues;
  • Another reason why attended; Queens having an event protesting Crowley the next day (Tues), so we asked if it would be appropriate to bring these issues to the Crowley event
  • At the La Teraza event: encouraged people to attend the Crowley event; collected signatures for Obama protest; were supposed to meet after, but didn’t have time

Tues –


  • Barnard – 2nd day of the documentary; same movie
    • promoted Obama, Turner protests
  • Earlier Tues, met with Occupy Queens; met at the offices of Crowley; goal was to tie this action to Occupy Congress, to urge them to get Crowley to meet with the Occupiers in DC
  • We left to try to et to the women’s march, but got there just after it ended
  • Adam went to Direct Action WG mtg and got endorsement

Thurs – Obama Protest


  • Had promoted the protest all week
  • Went to Apollo for protest
  • Protest: well-attended (about 500 ppl), not well-organized; people were engaged in sponsoring, but not organizing; none of the mtgs that were supposed to happen beforehand happened, so mostly on-site planning; prior to the event, concern about location of protest; arrived with lots of signs; there was a larouche group there; Occupy Queens was doing speak outs; ppl were uninterested in taking signs
    • Didn’t write down the names of reporters
    • Got bashed by In These Times and Daily Kos; Adam and Nelly drafted a response statement
    • Good coverage from some other media, Ch 11
    • Police blocked off the street
    • May do an evaluation/debrief meeting

Sat – Turner Protest


  • 2 people attended; frozen rain and hail; it was an excellent protest even though it was just 2 people; there from 10a-1:30p
  • were both wearing sandwich boards
  • Turner came outside alone and said, “Are you still here? I really admire your tenacity, but you’re on the wrong track.” Adam spoke with him about Colombia, basic factual statements about assassinations;
  • Ruth took some pictures; have a photo with Adam sandwich board and Turner


Sun –

  • Adam went to Global Justice to get participation in TPP


3. TPP: teach in, endorsement, action

* Arthur Stamoulis of Citizens Trade Campaign suggested that OWS Trade Justice

  • Last week, had a suggestion to get San Diego to put out a call to action for other occupies to participate
  • A few press events planned in Cali and an action on Feb 1
  • Feb 1 – best day for doing a coordinated action
  • TEACH IN; Occupy Town Square is a pop up event; Sunday Jan 29, Wash Sq Park – Local organizing:
    • we had been talking about doing a teach in leading up to TPP; Adam emailed Health GAP to speak on access to pharmaceuticals; maybe Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch
    • Christina will attend the Town Sq and can read the statement and report back; Adam will send her the statement from Via Campesina –
    • Adam will speak on FTAs and the environment, including investor-state rules
    • Curtis can be available before 6 or after 7:30 – Food, GM crops; Curtis and Christina will cordinate presentations to avoid redunancy
    • Could compensate for lack of content about TPP with commentary on past FTAs
    • Speakers – could be anyone who can speak well about FTAs
    • Curtis will do introduction for this teach-in
    • MC – someone to introduce people and announce calls to join protest
    • Encouraging groups to bring literature tables
      • Becky will Ask Global Justice if they want to share tabling/flier trade justice and tear gas stuff together
      • Ruth – will work on sign
  • ACTION; Weds Feb 1 – solidarity action with folks in SD
    • Pfizer is at 42 and 2nd; Niketown is about a mile away;
    • propose march; concern that not enough ppl for a march;
    • proposal – New Balance; made in the US; could we do an action that is pro-New Balance and make this a positive message around protecting US jobs?; also, only about 25% are made in the US
    • Will we also do what Arthur suggests – to get occupies to post messages on Feb 1 as show of solidarity and education? There might be enough time to get this done;
    • There’s an action against Monsanto – next Tues, Jan 31; farmers are taking Monsanto to court; last minute effort to have a physical presence outside of the courts
    • Not obligated to do a street action
    • What’s the point of street action
      • Get attention
      • Talk to politicians
      • Begin public conversations about the fact that this exists
      • Show solidarity with SD
      • To let the negotiators know that ppl are paying attention
      • TPP is extremely secretive, not making public until 4 years – so making public statements
      • Start creating a splash
    • Maybe we could have a central action and other ways that people can get involved
      • For media – daytime action
      • If you can’t make this action – call the whitehouse, call 2 friends, print this out, call your congress member and ask them why the negotiations are going through without the text being released
    • What should targets be?
      • Maybe focus on one target for the sake of media
      • Protest Pfizer for pushing an intellectual prop deal that will limit access to drugs for the poor
      • Could do an informational rally
      • Curtis suggests focus on food – TPP is going to hurt your food – keep it simple


There’s no narrative buildup around FTA since it sounds so benevolent. Mock free trade. Town hall theater. 4 years silence.


    • Targets discussed
      • Food – farmers markets good; Whole foods bad
      • Labor – Nike bad; New Balance good
      • Drugs – Pfizer
      • General site – UN
      • Environment – ?
      • Political – Schumer and Gillibrand
    • Suggestion – action at Pfizer
      • Die in — TPP is death for
      • See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil
    • Farmer’s mkt – MWF; could be at Union Sq near farmer’s market
    • TPP negotiations – many days
    • Hunts point – where big shipments for food
    • How about: doing separate things
      • 1 – education
      • 2 – taking on a specific target
    • suggestion – time is tight
      • flier at the Monsanto event
      • the thought of organizing another quick-turnaround food event seems like a lot to ask
    • we already know that Health GAP is mobilizing; try to collaborate with Health GAP and focus on Pfizer
    • CONCLUSION – PFIZER; one of the first public actions around TPP




Do we want to have a phone conference?


Left Forum – no notes on this section – laptop was put away by this point because atrium was shutting down.  

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