1.14.12 Housing Meeting Notes

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1.14.12 Housing Meeting Notes

Housing meeting begins at 4pm, after a good-faith effort of waiting for missing Housing WG members has been made.  Initially eight individuals are present, though additional do show up on a transient basis passing in and out of the meeting.

Present: Allegra, Alec, Sean, Will, Darryl, Zack,Sarah, Felix, Brian, Bob, Charlie

Agenda for discussion:

Park Slope report-back.

Last Night (@ 86th Street) report-back.

“Dicks”.  Brian does not initially explain this agenda item.

Max’s Financial Proposal (1.13 Spokes Council Report-back).

Conduct and Enforcement within the Churches

Week of 1.16 Metrocard Dispersal


1) Leslie and Allegra brought a proposal to Spokes Council on 1.13.  Process broke down at the end of the evening when Hydro insisted he be able to speak, which prompted Sage to offer a block with the conditional removal of “you let Hydro speak.”  Nan attempted to block as well but it was noted she was not a spoke for the evening, having had Trish sign in as her Spoke for NYCGA Council and sitting with that working group.  Nan then got violent in the Facilitator’s face, pushing Jason Woody despite it being clearly ethically wrong to do so.  The proposal may or may not have been passed, based on the fact that the blockers then left the room and a block that does not stay through the process has previously been described as invalid; regardless of that outcome there is significant discussion by church residents stating that Nan willnot be welcome at that church anymore thanks to her use of physical force and generally violent, bullying ways, which would likewise bar her from attending Spokes Council whenever it was present at that church.  (It is later reported back from the Facilitation meeting happening at the same time that the Metrocard proposal is considered to be consensed upon by the Facilitation WG upon their review of the Spokes Council, at a meeting happening at the same time).


2) Max’s proposal for paying for Spokes Council at the church is then discussed, with it being noted that without interaction between himself and this Working Group this may create additional problems.  The pastor has stated that he prefers for there to be only one check, and it is bad if two different groups make two separate agreements over the same space, so both should try to become more involved in each others’ activities in order to refine and streamline this process.  Cheaper prices can be had by mixing the two agreements, and the time sensitivity issue that has been plaguing Spokes Council in recent weeks could be easily alleviated.


3) “Dicks” comes onto the agenda.  This apparently is part of the “Last Night at 86th Street” report-back, as someone was masturbating in the church last night where everyone could clearly see it.  Question of the issue of masturbation in the churches is raised; public versus private is queried, as is men versus women.  “Anything that happens under a blanket that nobody knows about” is given as one catch-all for describing the difference if any between the two, or as a guideline for what might be deemed “acceptable” in this shared public space, but it is also noted that we have agreed to a no-sex policy while in the church, and sex with oneself clearly applies according to the church’s guiding moralities.  Whether this is acceptable to do in the bathroom surreptitiously is discussed, and it is noted that so far this has not been successfully done surreptitiously, but totally done.  Question is asked jokingly of whether the church needs to get a “go fuck yourself” room to deal with the basic human needs that are causing this friction.  Request that this only happen outside of that space is mentioned, and considered very reasonable.  No action or resolution suggests itself via this agenda item, and it continues into the full report-back.


4.  It is noted that there is a cat that got loose despite the agreed-upon rule that pets stay with their owners, and in addition to the above-mentioned incident there were a documented seven total fist-fights that night, as well as some transients passing through who were not on the list but still stayed the night.  The question of exactly how “the list” is presently formed, and how presence on “the list” for the following night should be considered as a future punishment for violations of the agreed-upon community rules is discussed, and will be brought back to the next community meeting that night at 86th Street church.  The present state of no ramifications for one’s bad behavior will only lead to more bad behavior, and some system for discouraging these abuses is sorely needed.


At this time, the question of who is handing out metrocards is asked and added to the agenda, as it is reported that the proposal is considered passed by the Facilitation WG and thus metrocards will be passed out the following Tuesday.


5.  Alec then reappears for his Park Slope report-back, and he notes that Catherine is the Park Slope finance point person, and he is the Park Slope liason to the Housing working group, thus his presence at this meeting.  The General Assembly denied Park Slope independent Working Group status, feeling they would more appropriately be a sub-group of Housing than a second Housing group dedicated to just that one space, and this was not what was wanted but continued involvement will thus press forward into the future with no hard feelings.


6.  Metrocards Agenda Item – “Metrocards are a serious thing.  If I, Jeff, or anyone who knows the process one hundred percent is not there, you have to get one of us.” – Allegra. It is noted that as per the 1.13 Spokes Council friendly amendment, a good-faith effort has to be made to rotate who is doing this job, and thus this week should be mostly different than who did it last week. Rotation on a weekly, rather than daily, basis seems to be the only reasonable solution.

It is noted as the process is explained for giving out metrocards that dishonesty is a MAJOR problem, and “good intentions” cannot be assumed – forged signatures, clothing changes followed by attempts to get a second metrocard, and fake Working Groups have all been tried at present.  There are three roles presently for the metrocard dispersal:

* One person tracking the master list of Working Groups, point people, and their signatures.

* One person with the cards, tracking serial numbers on cards being handed out to individuals and verifying that any individual who had received a card the previous week still has the card they were given by verifying last week’s number.

* One person to track the Working Groups that are presently signing for and distributing metrocards, so that if any one group appears to be disproportionately dominating this resource it can be discussed with them and not allowed to dominate all of the cards being handed out that week.

People are then nominated for these duties; Charlie from Library wants to be one of these three, following his request to assist on Friday at Spokes Council, and Alec (Park Slope liason) also wishes to assist.

Charlie then remembers he has a conflicting event on Tuesday, as he will be participating in the glitter march, and cannot commit to all three days.  The group had consented, but he must remove himself from consideration, at least for this week.

Alec is agreed upon via group consensus.

Brian then volunteers to be a second person assisting with the cards, and is agreed upon by group consensus.

With two roles filled, it is noted that at least one person with strong experience should be involved, and Allegra will be out of town for Tuesday at the #J17 Occupy Congress event.  Jeff is nominated in absentia, as he is able to handle the financial aspect of the cards as well as having experience in dispersing them fairly, but is not present and thus not consensed upon at this time.

It is suggested that an active effort to share skills and training in this protocol be discussed within the group; it is also then noted that the Transportation working group may be taking these duties over entirely, and reach new consensus with the General Assembly with their own separate metrocard proposal or some other means for providing transportation to those in need.

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  1. Katherine A Flowers

    just fyi because of issues with finance from previous finicial and the fact that we did not become a working group i just wanted to be stated that i’m not any type of point person also just want to state for the person doing me my name starts with a K thx everyone i’m trying my best not to dissapoint but need support in knowing what i can do better