02/26/12 Tech Ops Meeting Minutes

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TechOps Meeting Minutes – 2012/2/26
dan – facilitation
tom – notes (david notes after tom left)
tom – new national-level coordination on occupymap, and occupyideas
medics use map for dispatch?
sms for occupy map – needed
pea – owsbrunch reportback: many disucssions about “access”- information, etc.  talk of a global events calendar website.   ows.net – content meeting last week.  ideas for different kinds of content.  development underway.  dev site: (projects.occupy.net http://dev.occupywallstreet-net.gotpantheon.com/ – for dev site url).  next dev meeting on tues.  stageing site launch on weds or thurs – for orientation.
ows.net content team is looking for ppl. email to submissions@occupywallstreet.net
david – ows newsletter.  first edition – tentative, march 5
owen – marsha posted something about may events in chicago.  wanted to bring to tech ops attention.
dan – helping thiago set up maydaynyc.net – on the fastpcnet php box.  ed is allocating fastpcnet servers.  talking to people from archives and john wojick about archives (with datagram server).  process coming into place to view media on the archives server.
agenda item: occupy.org for sale?  no.  just a mailing list rumor.  tech ops controls dns.  registrar still owned by affinity group.  content unchanged.
agenda item:  mark on the nycga.net calendar which events were GA-consensed, and which are autonomous.
concerns that mainstream media is taking any nycga.net event as an ows GA endorsed event.
ideas: indicate sponsorshop of event on the form.
don’t want to disavow events because they make people uncomfortable
statement of autonomy covers the concern that not all “occupy branded events” are GA endorsed
suggestion – link to statement of autonomy on events page to clarify our relationship to working group events.
action item – add langauge to events template pointing back to statement of autonomy (dallas)
new reportback – pea – problematic posts from the “strong women rules” working group – making multiple posts targeting individuals on the site, saying that they would be killed or imprisoned under “NDAA”.   jnnnPosts were deleted.  User account was blocked and group was deactivated.  We had a lengthy email discussion via the tech_group mailing list, and took action.  Actions were recorded in the “admin use of power” log.  Targeting individuals for state violence, and collaboration with NDAA (which GA officially opposes) were considered serious enough violations of our statement of solidarity to act.
agenda item: discuss digital properties policy
         tech ops consensed on a terms of use policy. wanted legal to review, then bring to GA.  using it interim.
working on implementaiton / enforcement policy for TOS.  still needs to be written.
        must be communication to the affected user.
        public record of all moderation actions (wiki user of power log)
        for appeals – use the same community-wide grievance process
        patricia will finish wording on police
also have a privacy policy which tells people how their info can be used, what happens to thieir info.  written.  needs to be consensed upon.
agenda item: strategy meeting next week
        after march 6 so drew, devin, matt can attend?
         whole meeting to having the conversation about strategy and purpose.
          preliminary – march 11.
agenda item: permission to export nycga.net emails to civi
        privacy policy says that you can get emails.
          emails will be going to civicrm database.  for the ows newsletter.
              make sure that ppl who unsubscribed in the past are still unsubscribed.
              action item – tom will deliver email addrs to david.
  •               in the future, automate collection of email address from nycga.net signup to civi
  agenda item: translations of GA statements – where do they get hosted
           on occupywallstreet.net
           debate over whether to put translations on the same post as original or on a new post with its own headline
               consensus on jake’s proposal: translations on same page
               phase 2 is better, with ui to switch language
  •  we will put old statements consensed by ga on ows.net also (eg NDAA, ACTA)
agenda item: discuss server allocation
  • 5 servers at panix, nycga and occupy.net, we are not sure if we have to switch off these in march.
  • 4 servers at fast pc net, ed manages, ruby stuff like donate your account, node box with notes, php box for maps
  • also have stuff on datagram, servers but no apps yet, plan is archives, maybe more.
  • ows.net should go on these, & other stuff as we start getting charged.
  • we could maybe fit more servers but we’re power constrained
  • nycga staging is toms rackspace.
  • dan will put this on the wiki
addendum to agenda. time at meetings to intro new people?
  • intros from cynthia, a teacher, and brian, a medic. both interested in mentorings, trainings.
  • cynthia has possible storage / meeting space – her basement in queens.
  • we will put up some videos on tech.nycga.net, video walkthroughs.
  • intro from alma.

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