01/30/2012: NYCGA Council (Working Group) Minutes

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Meeting Locale:  The Atrium, 60 Wall Street

Present: Michael, Chris, Yuri, Occupier (1), Occupier (2), Trish

Recorder: Trish

Report Back: 

GA Outreach (Sub-group): Attended a meeting at 60 Wall Street labelled the Finance Assembly. Seemed to be a venting session. One person from finance/accounting wasn’t a principle, could not address any grievances. Palm Cards: These are even more important because of the tech glitch of not being able to post our current activities (events…nycga.net) Contact printing info received from occupier (1)

GA Spending Freeze (Sub-group): We consensused upon continuing the Spending Freeze until the General Assembly feels their concerns regarding fiscal accountability are taken seriously. ALSO:  This proposal continues to receive strong support from the OWS community

AGENDA: Discussion

1. 01/31/2012 Proposal to Ban an Individual

      This proposal was recinded and did not appear on the agenda of the NYC General Assembly

      Also, it is important that the greater (OWS) community be aware the content of this was not

      the issue, the issue was who (person,working group,other entity) presented the proposal!

2. Working Group inability to secure visibility (post)  in the events section of nycga.net.

      Sent emails, Tech-ops, spoke to Ravi, establish Forum Topic (other groups having problem)?



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  1. Justin Stone-Diaz

    #PointOfInformation Don’t you have to have 5 people who attend a meeting to post minutes?