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Restricted Diets (Alternate Kitchen) Minutes, 1/12/2012

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Restricted Diets (Alternate Kitchen)  Minutes, 1/12/2012 (Meeting delayed an hour and relocated to Charlotte’s Place to comply with requirements) Present: Ibraheem Katrina Alice Apollo Ice   Apollo agrees to take minutes. Katrina: Use of money, what it can be used for. Ibraheem: The $100/day (that finance is open) can be used for Metro cards, food, […]

No training failed meeting minutes 1-11-12

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Met at spokes council Looks of disgust against sage Sage begs for help Introduces alternate accounting point person Offers $20 to unpaid (though paid is not the right word) working group member. That’s all I remember. Just for today if Rami shows up with reciepts in temporary basis just for te sake of having money […]

Agenda for meeting, 1/12/12 3:00 p.m.

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i. establish this meeting’s facilitator(s) and note-taker. I. Introduction of meeting members and of the Restricted Diets (Alternate Kitchen) Working Group II. Decide on the goals of this working group a. establish weekly meetings b. google group functions c. Purchases: individual vs. collective, pros and cons access to kitchen facilities other sources of income and […]