Documents For: #OWS Black Knights

minutes for OWS Black knights for the week of the 30th

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Guerra Justin Juan Raven Dr manhiem Anon I have created four horsemen (generals) for the black knights they will control their departments independenly. Bring in new members for their departments. give me weekly updates. Death (tech-ops) Raven War (SECURITY) Famine (Public Relations) Justin Pestilence (Psy-ops) Dr Manhiem Ows black knight meet set for. Monday April […]

Minutes 3-10-12

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In Atendance: Chris, Raven, Rose, Requiem, Yaun*Wuan Hell i cant spell it* Agenda: RIOT SHIELDS… Items needed: Large outdoor plastic trash cans 2 part resin mix Chickenwire Rope Black fabric for capes Gas masks Eye goggles First aid supplies and medics Report backs: Few arrested at park for drawing on sidewalk.. WHO GETS A METRO […]

Minutes sat 2-4

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in attendance Raven, Chris, Yaun, Requien, Rose Agenda Protect the park and popups Ok Job easy enough stop any fights… ~Raven proposes Fiberglas Riot shields.. Needs Resin ~ Twinkles No report backs Need Capres and armor.. Raven can sew and make fiberglass armor… Perhaps a black night funding event?  Raven to talk to fund hub […]