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Notes for OWS Bike Coalition 2/21/2012

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Intros: Mandolin Esther Jack Malory Josh Lizz Joe Bike Resources: Discussion: What do you want to see from this working group?? Free Cycle Talk to Shen (SIS) about storage -Use bikes as Pedi-Cabs Place in Williams burg gives free helmets No bikes w/o helmets Should bikes be stored or given to Occupiers? People need to […]

Notes for OWS Bike Coalition 2/14/2012

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OWS Bike Coalition Meeting 2/14 Facilitator: Mandolin Note Taker: Carlton Hall Agenda: -Report-Backs -Agenda items Handi-cap Caucus and OWSBikeCoalition team up Occupy the Parks COOLS Bike Class Mission Statement proposal Become working group proposal Establish Point people -Announcements Report-backs: Space: Outreach done to SIS, space not available for bikes Might be able to get space […]

OWS Bike Coalition Mission Statement

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Bikes are perhaps the most sustainable and simple form of transportation known to humans. they are simple, elegant, and fun! Why does OWS not have a huge arsenal of lovely lovely bicycles?? The benefits of bikes are crazy rad, in fact (insert rad statistic here) isn’t that awesome?! The purpose of the OWS Bike Coalition […]