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minutes from 12/29 meeting

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attendees: akshat, alexis, m, eric, j, elizabeth – we had a length conversation about which parts of an ABS issuer a banking entity should be allowed to have an ownership interest in. – there was much debate over whether or not non-equity pieces constituted “ownership” and whether or not banks would ever participate with an […]

Minutes from 1/5 OSEC meeting

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Attendees: Akshat, Alexis, Elizabeth, Andre, M, Caitlin, Eric We discussed questions that have arisen from our letter drafting process, including: – the inversion of the language of the statute in Section 16 of the proposed rule – The ways that banking entities may abuse the SBIC allowance – Eric asked how ownership interests in ABS […]

Minutes from 12/20/11 meeting

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– There was a discussion of potential visits from the press – There was discussion about potentially writing a letter to the editor to the Financial Times in response to their two recent articles about the Volcker Rule – We discussed the questions we’d like to ask the SEC: What is their approach to splitting […]

Minutes 11/22 Occupy the SEC mtg

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– Related to Question 13 — why are they looking to define buy and sell? Is this to avoid or include trading in Inverse ETFs? – Question 14. Whole foundation is very shaky. Defining what isn’t an exempted trade is strange. Defining the trading account based on what is in it is a bit strange. […]

Notes from “Evaluating the Volcker Rule” conference in DC 11/9/11

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Americans for Financial Reform put on a conference on 11/9/11 in DC at the Hart Senate Building. You can find the event details here: What follows are my notes from that meeting. Speakers: Anthony Dowd — chief of staff Paul Volcker Nick Dunbar — author “Devil’s Derivs” Gerald Epstein — prof econ UMass at […]

Agenda and Presentations – Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) Volcker Event 9.10.11

Posted by & filed under . Members of Occupy the SEC attended an event held by Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) entitled, “Evaluating The Volcker Rule.” Wednesday, November 9th,  9:30 to 1:00 Location – Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902 You are invited to join Americans for Financial Reform for a discussion of the recently released Volcker Rule proposal. This […]

Minutes from November 11, 2011 meeting

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OTSEC 11/10/11 Purpose: no Hedge Funds inside banks Traders are opaque about agency/prop trading Should hold to same standard of collateral posting that etrade holds consumers to Current Volcker approach is a complicated way to do it Has to be expended to non-banks Has been? GM should be subject Bank Holding companies fall under these […]

Minutes from Thursday 10/27 meeting

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We discussed ways to recruit more members, including: – Possibly nearby college/university students – Email Joseph Stiglitz, the economist, since he visited OWS and is sympathetic to the cause – Tfa alumni net? We discussed the steps we needed to take to achieve working group status? Questions that arose from the reading (sections 619 and 620 […]

Dodd-Frank Act Sections 619 and 620

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    The Dodd-Frank Act, in section 619 defines Volcker. How this differs from the 300+ pp Rule Text is that the Rule Text is the implementation, written by Regulators, of section 619 in Dodd-Frank.      

Volcker Rule Text

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You can view this pdf online at: The same document in a different format: These links are to the complete rule text, as well as the questions the SEC has asked about the text itself. The questions appear inline in the Rule Text. For example, here is Question 5 which can be found […]