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Minutes 2011-10-28

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future meeting plans & bus preparations… our crew includes members of the movement that have been involved with a large cross section of the working groups new contacts: kelly – movement building, principles of solidarity, facilitation & media jamie – interested in intentional communities dane – what are you guys about & your main goal […]

Minutes 2011-10-25

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10/25 Planning Meeting Letter of intent review -Brief bio of who you are -Why do you want to be a part of it ? -What can you bring to the table ? -Where do you see this going ? -Additional information as you feel necessary -Part of profile-submit picture and any other content you want […]

Minutes 2011-10-22

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10/22/2011 Prelim Meeting : Agenda: Money Timing Where to Who is coming Online presence What we are doing What we’re bringing Timing: Charlie-Flexible on time, out of the city by the winter, probably a couple of weeks to get it rolling, any specific dates or time constraints or suggestions ? 11/11/11 meaningful How long ?- […]