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Meeting Minutes for Tech Ops Meeting 11/29/11

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Minutes – 11/29 Attendees: Mike, Thiago, Phil, Katie, Devin, Charles, Drew, Dan Agenda New group creation/ sorting 3 Proposals Sorting Jake and Drew discussed group creation policy, split up into movement, operational, working (catch-all), affinity Working groups Definition: A collection of 5 or more people, conform to solidarity, shared goal, consider themselves GA-accountable, doing work […]

Meeting Minutes – Stakeholder 11/30/2011

Posted by & filed under . – Stakeholder Meeting 11/30/2011 Attendees No press Mike (tech) Jim (no affiliation) Thiago (tech) Ben (tech) Jake (tech) Devin (tech) Sam (tech) Andrew (media) ? (no affiliation) Dan (tech) Katie (tech) Carlos ( John (no affiliation) Matt (design, also developer) Patricia (tech) Notes Suggestion: Launch splash page to take in website needs/desires, people could […]

Proposed Rules for Managing Email Lists at #OWS

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All email addresses belong to one or more lists. Lists (or groups) exist because a Working Group approved by the spokescouncil has created them. WG’s can create up to 5 groups. NO ONE has the right to add an email address from one group to another from outside the WG framework. (In other words, Outreach […]

Meeting Minutes for Tech Ops Meeting 11/22/11

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– No agenda items = no headings – Report back from spokes council showing a need for a meeting with media, PR, info, and design to talk about  Last night, Patrick from spoke in his capacity about a complaint in the use of the word “official” about despite GA approval.  The word […]

Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops Working Group 11/13/2011

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  -Moratorium on new ideas unless the proposer is willing to bottom line it * Charles will b-l refusals   Report Backs  NYCGA homepage wireframes – in process; multiple iterations – soliciting comment on content, structure and timeline – meeting to discuss UX in more depth; incl. – outward facing site – forum posts for people […]

11.12.11 – Minutes

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download rough wireframes from this meeting from the Internet Working Group Blog get involved: – sub nav permabank, cash, sis, about   newsfeed: – ready to go – people have to go out and collect feeds – maybe a work session, feed sprint in irc and live – prebuilt distribution, need front end is for curation […]

Meeting Minutes – Internet Working Group 11/13/2011

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Date: 2011-11-13 Location: Atrium Note Taker: djudd Announcement on text alert system System is in place now where people can sign up by cell phone, 3000 signed up Working on upgrade which allows option of voice call, works on landlines and to wake people up Guy working on this needs to connect with people putting […]

Meeting Minutes – Internet Working Group 11/8/2011

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Internet Working Group Meeting: November 8, 2011 Report Backs: Spokes-council CSS, .net, wordpress updates Huffington Post potential partnership Google Apps Zimbra Data Center Update Agenda: Review Homepage Wireframes FGA Spokes Council Report Backs “Technology” represented as a single spoke. Signals is a separate spoke focused on “on the ground” communication. Technology accepted as one of 12 […]

Meeting Minutes – Internet Working Group 11/6/2011

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Meeting Minutes Date: 11/6/2011 Location: Atrium, 60 Wall St. Notetaker: MikeC Reportbacks User Experience There are now wireframe mockups now on Here is the link: We encourage more wireframes. Margaritte, in UX, is implementing the CSS. The mockup is in a post called facelift. FGA The FGA project needs help with people to do […]