Documents For: Tech Ops Content Meeting Notes – 12/26/2011

Posted by & filed under . content meeting 12.27.2011 Agenda (from event listing) 1 Report back from TechOps on site status 2 Media/Pr/Press/Tech: what’s working and what’s not with our current content strategy?    PR/Press (relating to    Media    Livestream    DA    Outreach    ComHub/Info    OWS-photo ( 3 Ideas for stories and sections 4 What does […] Development Meeting Notes – 12/22/2011

Posted by & filed under . Development Meeting 12.22.2011 Attendees Joel  – @lippe Patricia – Thiago – Agenda Review project Establish project management and communication processes Create development plan Pantheon workflow Disaster recovery Admin logging Content admin interfaces & workflow Devin, content coordination Visual concepts Theming Joel plans to use Omega base-theme (960 gs) Thiago is in agreement […]

Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2011-12-21

Posted by & filed under . Report backs: FGA we are working on a list of occupations, self managed, interopable. This will help with RSS news feeds. That will build out into FGA Charles – why don’t we have a master list yet Devin – We don’t have enough volunteers Lippe – It’s more than a spreadsheet, it will be a […]

OWS 50 Broadway Hardware

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Current Hardware Warning, the following list is a beta, work-in-progress and as such maybe incomplete or inaccurate. Reference Number Item Type Item Description Item Donator (If Any) Specific Stipulations (if any) 1 Dell Tower Pentium 3, pending a new IDE HDD Joshua Possible SIS Use 2 Magnavox HDTV HDMI & Component In 3 iMac G5 […]

Meeting Minutes for Tech Ops Meeting 11/27/11

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Tech Ops Minutes, Nov 27, 60 Wall Street Intros of attendees Agenda: Report backs * Social media Working with PR and beginning to take analytics Adding social media accounts at MemoLane (we know some people there) Looking for suggestions and tools * ComCluster What is ComCluster: Media, Press, Tech, OWS En Espanol, Info, Outreach, ComHub A […]

Technology Operations Meeting Minutes 12/11/2011

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TechOps Meeting Minutes 12/11/2011 Report Backs (Devin) This week was the first week of conference calls Wiki attended by some wiki badasses and people who want to retain knowledge CRM, Hardcore people troubleshooting the system Weekly calls for all the products News next Management is coming Meeting with guy he’s […]

Technology Operations Meeting Minutes 12/06/11

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Meeting Minutes Tech Ops Meeting 12/6/11   ATTENDANCE: Dan, Shawn, Zack, Matt L, Andrew, Devin, Dana, Ravi, Tom, Ted, Eduardo, Michael, David S, Jake, Patricia, Max, Brad   REPORT-BACKS:   -Comm Cluster: Distribution of group requirements Will be discussed further in a break-out post meeting – Web Ecosystem Conversation Michael Badger trying to coordinate this […]

Technology Operations Meeting Minutes 12/4/2011

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Minute Minutes Technology Operations 12/4/2011 Report Backs SOPA Proposal Being presented at GA tonight – CONSENTED Permabank Hoping to release last weekStill need some work Most core functionality Within next couple of days, being release Forums will be ready to launch soon – consolidated live tweets of GA and Spokes Metalayer – social […]

Announcing: Training Day at Pace University for Occupy Wall Street

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The New York City General Assembly has agreed to support the proposal from Tech Ops and the Communications Cluster (groups active as part of OWS) for day devoted to skills based workshops. WHEN: Sunday, December 18, from 9am to 7pm. WHERE: Pace University, right across from City Hall, a short walk from Zuccotti Park. WHAT: […]