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Meeting Minutes – TechOps GM – 2012/02/01

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02.01.12 TechOps notes @ 60 Wall Agenda Reportbacks Servers Used for what Workflow DAM Meetup style events Laptops in 50 Broadway office DA tools / action tools Newsletter Donate your account Need to attend spokes Need for SSL cert Reportbacks Maps maps switched to openstreetmaps Servers (Tom) Catalog Page: Have done some […] Development Meeting Notes – 1/26/2012

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Time: Thursday, Jan 26, 4pm Location: Agenda Report Backs Benj to send Joel PGP file to get access to Pantheon instance Benj to created initial module list; Joel added theming modules Patricia to updated and expanded spec – team was to review and comment Break files apart onto layers for Joel and Make homepage Media […]

Tech Ops Meeting Minutes 1.25.2012

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Tech Ops Minutes 2-25-2012 Attendance: Owen (translation), Shawn? (Owen’s friend), Matt, Issac, Georgiy, Leia, Greg, Justin (housing), Tom, Sam, Patricia, Dana, Jason C, Drew, Devin, Matt L, Thiago, Dan, Phil (food), Paul (occupy with art) Introductions Reports Backs: (a handful of these are missing from these minutes) Anne from Occupy LA  – briefly shared her […]

Meeting Minutes – TechOps GM – 2012/01/22

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Report Backs * Occupy Ecosystem ** Jason is not giving up legally but we have control of it. ** We’re going to point it to the CiviCRM * Free Network ** Isaac is back from his two week roadtrip ** Developed a 18-month roadmap ** Wants to organize a global free network federation event […]

meeting minutes – – 2012/01/20

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1/20/2012 Newswire work session Attending: Liza, Devin, Dana, Drew, Lippe Agenda/goals: Clarify news vs. newswire presentation Get project history, people involved, if/how install is customized from base MN install Project management Clarify project members involvement Need for dev instance? Hosting PM tool Channels & Taxonomy Nesting MSM content Tech project news aggregation UX development Taxonomy […] Development Meeting Notes – 1/18/2012

Posted by & filed under . 1/18/2012 Attendees: Benj – Site Builder Joel – Themer / Site Builder Lippe – Workflow Master Patricia – Project Coordinator / UX Thiago – UX / Designer Drupal Will we use Drupal 6 or 7 Decision: Consensus on D7 Content Workflow   Development dependencies Decisions may have access implications Need to keep simple enough to move […]

Meeting Minutes – TechOps GM – 2012/01/18

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Tech Ops Minutes 01/18/2012 Attending: Patricia, Drew, Devin, Evan, Dana, George, Jake, Ravi, James Reportbacks Permabank Meeting tomorrow for coders Case studies applications are done Civi & Ready and moving forward Jake & Michael working on Head up social media team Small three person core team and number of collaborators involved […]

Meeting Minutes – Content – 2012/01/16

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PR incoming workflowPR outgoing workflow has been documented, but how people request attention from PR has not been documented Collaboration on contentNeed specifics on how copy and media providers work together on projects, both matching needs, and accomodating issues of approval Index of offsite contentNotion that while site itself may not host all content, there […]

Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2012-01-15

Posted by & filed under . Introductions and Report Backs * Jane – LAMP stack develeper ready to help with whatever. Has talked to Jake and is coming to the meeting. * David ** PermaBank is getting underway again, fixing bugs. All the core functionality works, but we still need messaging. We still need usability team and a hosting plan. […]

Meeting Minutes – Design Meeting 2012-1-13

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Offical/concensed content is enough to warrant badge?* dig A key for a single badge feels chart junky. Also could have “accomplisments” or “successes badge” If news.occ is going to feed into, we need to up the content grade. Design Feedback Real pizza box top OWS caution tape? Put subscribe top right or on top in […]