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2/03/12 Meeting Minutes

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Second Meeting of the Disability Caucus February 3, 2012 6:00 PM Atrium – 60 Wall StreetATTENDANCE: Nadina LaSpina Danny Robert Alejandra Ospina Julie Maury Philip Bennett Akemi Nishida Leslie Freeman (via Skype) Pat Walls Phil Walls Constance Lesold Pamela Bates Akemi is facilitating, after discussion reminding all that, since OWS is a leaderless movement, in […]

Rough Draft of Mission Statement for Members to Edit

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This is a very very rough draft of the Disability Caucus Mission Statement, based on input from members of our group. Please comment and make suggestions for changes, and if you’re a member, feel free to edit, even rewrite this in its entirety, if you’d like. But keep in mind that our statement must reflect […]

1/29/12 Meeting Notes

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First Meeting of the Disability Caucus Jan. 29, 2012 2:00 PM Atrium – 60 Wall Street   ATTENDANCE: Nadina LaSpina Danny Robert Khaskil Amirov, PA Julie Maury Philip Bennett Akemi Nishida Julian Phillips, NYU journalism student Leslie Freeman Michelle Mantione Connie Lesold Dorothy Williams Pereira   Nadina is facilitating. But makes it clear that, since […]