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Harmony With Nature Proposal – United Nations Earth Summit in June 2012

Posted by & filed under . In participation with the United Nations Earth Summit the Bolivian government submitted a proposal titled ‘Harmony With Nature’ this proposal attempts to define a platform for global sustainable development. The General Assembly of the United Nations approved by consensus two resolutions presented by Bolivia. The first, entitled “Harmony with Nature,” asks to convene an interactive dialogue […]

jJFA AMENDMENT 2 “taxing the rich” by johns

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  I believe, just as pictures are better than words, numbers clarify words.  I feel that being specific shows a stronger level of seriousness, clarity, thoroughness, and maturity. In the last few months, haven’t we seen how much clearer and forceful the talking heads are when they show the numbers and show the graphs? We  […]


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  Although we are writing this for two audiences –  the GA  and the world, I think that most of GA – who want any proposal – would find this acceptable. Therefore, please consider the JFA as if you are the world – Outside of OWS considering THEIR  positions and goals. We can ignore the […]

The People of Earth Demand Informed Direct Participatory Democracy Online

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Informed Direct Democracy, the process by which the average well informed real public opinion is brought to the attention of all, directly, is now obviously made possible by the internet. Just as we have secure online banking, shopping, chat, forums, libraries, dictionaries, and many other types of large online services and gathering places of opinions […]

Transit for All

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Why mass transit?  Why free?   Free public transit is not an unheard of policy.  In fact, global cities such as Hasselt Belgium,[1] as well as parts of major U.S. cities, such as Vail, CO, and Standford, CA, already offer free public transit zones.  Seattle, WA, offer free downtown rides during daytime hours.[2]  Some cities, […]

Repairing our Crumbling Infrastructure

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Infrastructure: Supporting America’s Future Given all the problems facing the 99%, why we need to fix America’s infrastructure? Consider the opinion of national experts.  The American Society of Civil Engineers reported in its 2009 “Report Card” that the U.S. needed to spend at least $2.2 Trillion in the next 5 years to fix our crumbling […]