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Open Letter to Arts Orgs

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Dear Friend: We are a coalition of artists and arts professionals organized under the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street. Our goal is to inspire, support and participate in the creation of cultural work that amplifies the movement’s messaging, inspires people to join, mobilizes people to take action, exposes specific economic justice issues, envisions the […]

Principles, Values, and Goals

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ARTS & CULTURE WORKING GROUP : 1) Together, we will be co-creating this statement (call it a minifesto, declaration, etc) to define the purpose and role of this working group. This document is to aid in the brainstorming process. (We don’t need to stick to this format, but we’ve drafted it this way to help […]

Proposed Meeting Facilitation Template – Arts & Culture Discussion Meeting

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NOTE: This is Tomi’s suggested outline for an Arts & Culture Organizational meeting from an email sent to the google group on October 15. It has not been approved by consensus yet. ARTS & CULTURE GROUP Discussion Meeting Facilitation Template Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6:00p – 7:30p Public Atrium to the left of 60 Wall Street […]