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Notes from Oct 29 Architecture meeting

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Note: I will distribute emails of everyone who attended the last 2 meetings separately via email.  It was decided at this meeting that email will continue as a method of communication, in addition to this website. OCTOBER 29TH ARCHITECTURE MEETING NOTES –Disseminating info and files from site survey Greta and Mazdek completed physical site survey […]

Architecture group mandate, as articulated by Town Planning

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OWS/NYC currently has a core team of architects and designers working on a sheltering system to take the occupation through the fall and winter. This is a comprehensive system that accounts for weatherizing, safety, working groups, expansion, and vital movement functions. The current sub projects are sleeping areas, cafe and social spaces, kitchen, library, media, […]

Precedents to be reviewed for OWS

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Created on google docs, prior to this platform.  If you wish to add any precedents, please do so in the comments field.