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Meeting Notes (all/running document)

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Notes 11 March 2012 Facilitator: Sally Present: Paul, Sally, Kate, Heather, Alejandrina, Gerald, Joanne Agenda Topics: Future of OWS and ARA **This was more of a conversation between all of us, so I’ve framed the notes in a way that gives general sentiments of the conversation** Last week, ARA discussed breaking down into different committees […]

Brief History of #OWS Anti-Racism Allies Group

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Brief History of #OWS Anti-Racism Allies Group   Throughout the first few weeks of the Occupy Wall Street movement, a number of different white people witnessed racism and white privilege being enacted at OWS. These individuals (who wanted to work to address racism within and beyond OWS) began connecting with each other, with the People […]

Points of Unity: Anti-Racism Allies

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We believe that: –       OWS is an inspiring moment rich with potential for transformative social change –       Racism and white supremacy exist in the world and are present at OWS –       There are systemic inequalities within the 99%, and white people, including those within the 99%, are categorically privileged by racism and white supremacy –       […]