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meeting time

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Hi; We were meeting everyday at Charlotte’s Space, 109 Greenwich between 12:00 and 1:oo. This week we are downsized with all of the other activity off site  for the Co-Op and stuff, so how does Friday sound at 12:00? best jeanie

minutes 1.12.2012

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  On Jan 12, 10:40 pm, Cristian <jamecogard…> wrote: > Cristian, Evan, Evelyn, Jay, Jeanie, Raven, Rick > > Announcement : Office is closed @ 50 Broadway > > Report Backs: > > Ricks: E3 > > Jay: MORPH > > Raven: on Store and websites; and currency program > > Jeannie: Spreadsheet Gifting Program is […]

minutes 1.24.2012

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Capturing peoples gifting and donated time at Churches for Alternative Currency, Time Bank and other projects. Several People at the meeting including Raven, Jay, Jeanie, Ryan and others. Ryan commented about a project that he was involved in and endorsed regarding the spreadsheets. These were designed to assist the church capture the amount of work […]