World Wide March Against Government Corruption New York City USA

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Date(s) - 03/01/2014
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World Wide March Against Government Corruption New York City USA

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This Event is composed of  More then one March leading up to the 12Noon Rally, at City Hall, and 3rd Action Event in Development.

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We all have become all too aware of what is at stake in this battle over government. They have lost billions of dollars in investments due the mortgage loan crisis and the resulting meltdown of the financial system. It is clear that lack of effective regulation of financial institutions was a major contributor to this economic disaster. There are literally thousands of other cases of how cutbacks on government programs have led to increasing problems and suffering for the people of the world. Governments around the world are dominated by elite economic interests, and are going in the opposite direction from what the people want. They are killing our planet with fracking and chemtrails, nuclear reactors melting down. They are quickly taxing away all our rights and freedoms.

Now is the time to stand up to them. Let us do it in unity together all around the world on March 1, 2014. Let us force them to listen to us by our numbers marching and protesting. This is the year for it. We must do it now before all our freedoms are gone and it will be to late. Let us find a common ground within ourselves and our groups and work together to accomplish our goals.

Tax the rich and corporations
That the federal government immediately make good on ALL treaties signed with Native Bands and all First Nations and that the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs be jointly run by government employees and Aboriginals.
End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending
Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and improved Medicare for all
End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation
Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages
Get money out of politics
Get our rights and freedoms back

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