Spectra Showdown: The Final Countdown

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Date(s) - 10/24/2012 - 10/29/2012
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By November 1st, the Spectra pipeline could complete construction at the Hudson River Park.


Join the Daily Spectra Watch:
On site @ Gansevoort and Hudson River

8am-9am and 6pm-7pm
We’ll be there day and night. Join us!

Upcoming Calendar of Events!

  • Gasland screening – Oct. 18th at IFC center and the West village public library
  • Spectra’s Going Away Party! – Oct. 28th at Alchemical Theater
  • Halloween Parade – Oct. 31st
  • DRAG QUINN DOWN – drag queen event against Quinn- Nov. 5th.
  • International Day of action – Earth Eviction Defense- Nov. 17th. more details coming soon.


The right of all NYC citizens to be free from a radioactive pipeline coming into our city and into our homes with our cooking & heating fuel.

Texas Gas vs. the People of NYC

Spectra, you’ve been warned. Get out of Town, We don’t like your kind around here.

Spectra Energy has broken ground and is pushing construction through at a rapid pace. They’ll be importing hydro-fractured gas (using this most toxic type of extraction method) into the West Village, thereby creating more demand for this gas, thereby creating more hydro-fractured sites across the country, including our very own upstate New York and Catskills, and thereby endangering our water supply.

We are continuing to escalate our creative direct action campaign against them. It’s Showdown time! Put on your toughest Clint Eastwood face, bring your signs, noisemakers, snacks, puppets, instruments, songs, chants and prepare to tell the dirty extraction industry, “Go ahead. Make my day.”
Wear a costume! Bring a sign, an instrument, anything to help spread the word to the people most affected by this, the residents of the NYC and NJ.


The “New Jersey-New York Expansion Project” is a proposed high-pressure gas pipeline, varying in diameter from 42-30″ and slated to travel up the New Jersey shoreline, through the edge of Staten Island, under Jersey City and across the Hudson River, entering Manhattan at the Gansevoort Peninsula in the West Village. It is known more commonly by the name of its builder’s parent company, Spectra Energy.


We must take a stand to defend our communities; upstate, NYC, New Jersey, all places where hydro-fracking rears its ugly head. The gas industry thinks they can sneak in and set up shop in NY and we’ll just lie there and take it while they destroy our farmland, water and air quality, expose our homes to radon and put us in a blast zone. They’re dead wrong.


Gansevoort and Hudson River Greenway – You can cross over the West Side Highway at 14th St., at Horatio St. or at W.12th St. to get to the Greenway. Look for the Department of Sanitation Building, and adjacent to this is a HUGE crane. This is the site. This is Spectra Energy.


  • Fun Fact: Spectra Energy is excluded from regulations of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.
  • Fun Fact: Radon Gas, according to the Surgeon General, is the 2nd leading cause of Lung Cancer in the nation today.
  • Radon Gas is what they want to pipe into your home via your cooking and heating gas. Thanks, but no thanks!!

Location is at the end of Gansevoort St and Hudson River Greenway.

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